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What does 2024 have in store? In Design Psychic, our community of editors, experts, and tastemakers predicts the trends coming soon to a house near you.

We smell something burning in the kitchen—and it’s not cookies. It’s the good kind of fiery: red kitchen cabinets.

Every year, we poll interior designers to find out what kitchen cabinet color they think will be the next big thing. Because whether you want to admit it or not, paint trends cycle through kitchens fast. Only five or so years ago, white cabinets were all the rage. Then navy blue and sage green had us feeling some type of way. Looking ahead to 2024, most of the designers we spoke with agreed that the warmer side of the color spectrum is leading the way with shades of red kicking us off. Here’s what they had to say when we asked them: What’s the next It kitchen cabinet color? 


Courtesy of DeVol | The Real Shaker Kitchen by DeVol, prices start at $20,000.

For those who are a little nervous to experiment with color, I think we’ll see it being used in a more historical context (i.e., Victorian shades of yellow and blue). And damn, I’m waiting for a really good red kitchen. —Sally Breer, Sally Breer World

Earthy reds, of course. —Zoe Feldman 

We’re really excited to be experimenting with more specialty finishes, such as burl, burnished stainless, oxidized copper, and oiled walnut. As for paint choices, we recently painted the interiors of our kitchen vermilion. I’m very into red! —Britt Zunino, Studio DB

Deep Reddish Brown by Farrow & Ball is our favorite. —Molly Kidd, Light and Dwell

While I typically lean toward more neutral palettes, I believe we’ll see kitchen cabinet colors continue to gravitate to maroon and jewel tones. —Anthony D’Argenzio, Zio and Sons


It’s sunny and optimistic, but at the same time, there are loads of historic precedents to look to for inspiration. It’s a color that works on a Shaker panel as well as a contemporary slab cabinet profile. Give it a bit of green undertone for a little edge, or go buttery for full-on comfort mode. —Victoria Sass, Prospect Refuge Studio

I am having a love affair with the color yellow. It is so cheerful and bright like the sun. It would be a chic color for cabinetry; you can mix it with a cool blue quartzite for a timeless and vibrant kitchen. —Sara Story, Sara Story Design

All shades of yellow! And then, of course, green. Green is evergreen in my book. Faith Blakeney


I see all different shades of purple coming back, from lavender to aubergine, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find this tranquil and sophisticated color showing up on kitchen cabinets as well, especially since the color is made up of red and blue, the color symbols for fire and water—the two elements deeply at play in the kitchen! —Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow

I predict that kitchen paint will continue to move away from monochromatic all white and that more saturated colors will reign in 2024, with saturated earth-tone-based greens, terracotta, and rich brown shades. And if you want to go riskier, then dark reds and purples will also be in the mix. —Kirsten Blazek, A 1000x Better


We found that cooler tones are being embraced when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors. Currently, we particularly feel strongly about olive green and are loving Rocky River by Sherwin-Williams. —Monet Masters and Tavia Forbes, Forbes + Masters

I’ve been really loving green and plum. We’ve used them both in projects recently, and I want to see more of them. —Susana Simonpietri, Chango & Co.


I think the next It kitchen cabinet color will be pink! —Clive Lonstein

Pink! —Angus Buchanan, Buchanan Studio 

Natural Wood

We love mixing wood cabinets with paint-grade cabinets. For example, a wood island with a light counter paired with dark counters on a neutral painted cabinet face. For wood stains, we generally do custom variations of Rubio Monocoat. Our recent favorite is 50 percent Chocolate, 50 percent Burgundy. —Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn, House of Rolison

Wood cabinets are hitting all the marks. They add warmth and depth, and work well in any style kitchen. I am noticing more kitchen cabinets in natural woods paired with jewel-tone paint, metal, or stone. The wood creates a luxe look that is elegant and timeless. Delia Kenza