5 Things We’re Buying from Zara Home’s First-Ever Gardening Collection

Funky planters to soothe your cottagecore soul.
yellow flowers in a check bag

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While ordinarily, warmer weather signals the beginning of pilgrimages to the park, things look a little different this year—but that doesn’t mean you have to entirely give up on outdoor space. The definition simply needs some adjusting: Get a dose of outside by zhuzhing up your balcony planters or even the collection of herbs on your windowsill. Zara Home’s first-ever gardening collection is here to support your green thumb. It’s basically a plant parent starter pack. 

There are planters for lemon trees and vibrant little pots for smaller greens. Every accessory you need to tend to your budding plots comes in elevated materials you won’t have to hide away; think: borosilicate glass and galvanized metal. If you’re leaning into your inner homesteader as a self-soothing mechanism, consider these five picks.

For a Daily Refresh

Pick up a plant mister to give your leaves a morning spritz and keep their moisture levels up, even in-between waterings. We love the emerald green lacquered iron bottle, which deserves a spot on display. 

For Easy Toting

If you have a backyard, keep all your tools neatly corralled in this plaid bag so you can work your way from the shrubs to the vegetable garden without having to make multiple trips to your storage unit. 

For a Cheery Environment

Found: The rainbow-colored earthenware vessels of our dreams. Because they’re waterproof, you can either use them to repot that snake plant that’s itching to stretch or toss in some cut flowers from your supermarket to brighten up a corner of your living room. 

For Low-Maintenance Care

These self-watering globes work for both indoor and outdoor greens: All you have to do is fill each borosilicate glass piece with cold water, insert it into the soil, and watch them thrive without ever having to lift a hose. 

For an Upgraded Staple

There’s nothing wrong with using random glassware to water your garden, but if you’re ready to make it more official, we suggest this antique-inspired galvanized metal watering can. The spout is removable so you can adjust according to your plants’ needs—and it doesn’t hurt that it doubles as decor either. 

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