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You’ve invested in a chair with ergonomic support and mastered the art of the to-do list; but working from home—especially if you’ve been doing it for the last three months—can quickly feel monotonous. According to a new study from Article, the solution may lie in design. 95 percent of respondents said they worked better in a stylish space; and of those, 54 percent prefer houseplants over artwork to help them feel good about their workspace. Time to flex that green thumb. 

Beyond helping to create a lush atmosphere, certain plants relieve stress, and a dose of nature is proven to improve your mood. If you’re ready to bring home some new green friends, we have suggestions for rookie plant parents.

If You Have Trouble Focusing

Ponytail Palm, Bloomscape ($65)

Ponytail palms have secret productivity benefits. They absorb carbon dioxide, which can lead to drowsiness and headaches, according to Bloomscape expert Joyce Mast. Just be sure to prop the plant in a nearby sunny windowsill so it can catch some much-needed rays. 


If You Don’t Have Time to Worry About Care

Pothos N’Joy, Rooted ($16)

Sometimes you get stuck in an inbox rabbit hole and forget to water your greens—it happens, so make sure yours can hold up to the stress. Pothos don’t ask for much: A shower of water every week or so and low sunlight. One Domino editor even swears it’s the only plant she hasn’t killed. 

If You Can’t Live Without Your Diffuser

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 2.45.29 PM
Snake Plant Laurentii, The Sill ($62)


Not only are snake plants incredibly resilient, but they have air-purifying qualities that make them ideal for anyone particularly sensitive to their environment. They’ve even snagged an endorsement from NASA, which found that their leaves remove toxins like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air. Breathe easy while you meet your deadlines. 


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