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Fancy hotels and plush department store displays may have convinced you that white, fluffy terry cloth towels are the epitome of luxury, but we think a different style of towel might actually reign supreme—and it has something in common with a beloved breakfast item.

To quote Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work.” But in this case, a waffle isn’t just morning comfort food—though this one will undoubtedly bring comfort to your morning routine. It’s a textile that promises to make you feel extra-cozy after a shower or a nice, long bath. Recently, the waffle towel has emerged as a top contender as the best towel of all.

Now waffle towels aren’t revolutionary, but there are some new and noteworthy ones on the market. Parachute has released its take on the style, and Snowe has launched an upgraded version—the honeycomb towel. It’s clear, then, that textured towels are trending. But why?


Well, first of all, it’s not just an aesthetic choice: “We put lightweight, 100 percent cotton through a unique wash process to create puckered-up pockets in each towel,” explains Erica Peppers, head of product at Snowe. “Those pockets keep things extra-soft and absorbent, and offer a hint of give.”

Not only do waffle towels take up less space in your linen closet, they’re also more absorbent and they look cool. With a little bit of stretch, they’ll also make you feel especially snug as you wrap them around yourself post-shower. Making your bathing experience more luxurious just got easier.

If you dream of minimalist spas

Waffle Towels
Waffle Bath Towel Set, Parachute ($128)

Parachute’s lightweight towels make even the tiniest bathroom feel more relaxing. If you’re afraid of white towels, this light gray hue is a nice neutral alternative.

If you want the whole rainbow

Simple Waffle Towel, Hawkins New York ($35)

If you’re more of a maximalist (or at least like a good pop of color), Hawkins New York has you covered. The blush, mustard, and olive towels make especially pretty options.


If you aspire to own hotel-quality linens

honeycomb bath towel
Honeycomb Bath Towel, Snowe ($22)

Look no further than Snowe—the brand’s innovative honeycomb towels are a bit snugger and stretchier than the typical waffle towel. A set of all white can also make the perfect housewarming present.

If you fantasize about Japanese onsens

Lattice, Beige
Lattice Bath Towel, Morihata ($72)

Morihata’s Japanese-made waffle towels are ultra-absorbent and texturally stylish. This understated beige color would look especially nice in a bathroom full of warm woods.

If your favorite vacations are by the sea

linen fox
Waffle Towel, Linen Fox ($41)

The deep blue hue of Linen Fox’s waffle towel is reminiscent of deep, calming ocean waters—and its cotton-and-linen blend is so soft it will make you feel like you’re at a resort each time you step out of the shower.

If your mind is set on summer year-round

Ojai Waffle Organic Towels
Ojai Waffle Organic Towels, Coyuchi ($58)

Coyuchi’s organic waffle towels are a bit thinner than others on the market, making them perfect for drying off on hot summer days. This light blue hue is especially dreamy.


If you keep things simple

Organic Cotton Waffle Bath Towel, Spartan Shop ($75)

There’s something delightfully casual about these puckered waffle towels by Spartan Shop. If you find yourself drawn to the wrinkles of linen sheets or the charm of a slightly messy sofa spread, these unfussy, soft cotton towels are for you.

If you just can’t get enough linen

Waffle Linen Bath Towels, Wolves Within ($74)

Something about lightweight linen makes you feel like you’re vacationing on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, no? That’s true of these breathable pastel-hued towels. Bonus: They come with a fabric loop, so they’re easy to hang.

If you’re all about standing out

Blanche Towel
Blanche Towel, Rikumo ($17)

The cross-weave pattern of these Japanese-made towels is slightly different than a standard waffle weave, but it makes for a fun alternative. In baby pink, they are perfectly sweet—and a great way to add the color to your bathroom if you don’t want to commit to painting it.

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