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There’s a scene in the Oscar-nominated film King Richard in which Venus Williams’s father tells the young sports star: “One day someone’s gonna hand you a check for $1 million, and you can buy as many beds as you want.” At the time, she and her four sisters shared a bedroom—now fast-forward to 2022, and Williams has launched her first line of mattresses with GhostBed.

The tennis champ wanted the Venus Williams Collection by GhostBed to cater to the needs of everyone, especially busy parents. “That’s the most important job in the world,” says the proud aunt. “You need your sleep so you can be your best and raise the future.”

That’s why she added the Venus FIT Layer—an innovative, mineral-infused material that uses body heat to activate a far-infrared response. The technology is said to penetrate sore muscles, improve blow flood, and promote good circulation, and even though it uses the warmth you generate, “you never get hot,” says Williams.

In addition to having a bed to literally call her own, here the athlete shares her other bedroom must-haves for reaching peak cozy vibes. 

The One Thing I Can’t Go to Bed Without

Beam makes these CBD-based cocoa mixes, and that usually does the trick to put me right to sleep. It’s the real deal. 

The Bedding That Makes Me Sleep Like a Baby 

It’s bamboo sheets for me—they’re a must! I love that you can get them at any price point and they feel amazing. I always put them in my guest rooms, too. 

My Biggest Bedroom Splurge

The Linden lamps by Kelly Wearstler. I don’t like overhead lighting in my bedroom because I find it very oppressive, so a nice table light is the way to go. These lamps are not cheap, but they’re mine, and I’m so happy I waited for them.

The Perfect Bed Frame 

There’s the frame from GhostBed that I love, but I also have a bed that I’ve owned since I was 20—and I’m 41 now. All I’ve done is change the color once. It’s really nice, and it’s like a part of me now! 

The Things I Always Keep on My Nightstand 

My Bible and my Wildling gua sha. Not much else, because I like it pretty clean, but I always have a few mini bands in the drawers in case I want to do some exercise. Every now and then I feel like I need to do a little bit extra. 

My Favorite Bedroom Decor Item

I have two pieces of art I just moved into my bedroom. The artist’s name is Julia Phillips, and these works are almost like pantyhose pressed into paper—they’re quite beautiful. 

Best Part of My Wind-Down Routine

I really like Asutra’s magnesium products for recovery and rest. I’ve also learned to love a bath. If you can take a bath and listen to music or read a book, there’s something so rejuvenating about that.