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There’s a lot that’s stressful about travel—especially during the holidays—but picking the perfect suitcase doesn’t have to be one. Depending on your travel style, it’s up to you whether you go the smart luggage route or stick with more traditional pieces, but even if you’ve narrowed down your desired style, the options on the market can feel overwhelming. We get it. Which is why we polled some of our favorite travel pros for their favorites, and they didn’t disappoint.

These are the bloggers and photographers who travel for a living and do so in style. They’ve got living out of a suitcase down to a science—so, of course, it’s a requirement that said suitcase is the best possible option. Keep reading for their recommendations; you’ll notice there’s a clear favorite.

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The Medium in “Black”, Away ($275)

“Super simple in design and color, I love how lightweight Away’s cases are and how easy they are to navigate through the airport on their four wheels. The medium is the perfect size for a long weekend or even a couple of weeks in the sun, and I really think Away’s compression system works; I always manage to cram a lot more than I think into its various pieces of luggage. I’ve taken mine everywhere and it’s forever sturdy and reliable.” Lucy Williams, Fashion Me Now  

“My go-to suitcase is the Away Bigger Carry-On in purple. Because it is the maximum measurement for a carry-on on most airlines, I am able to pack a ton in it. Using this suitcase and Flight 001 Spacepaks, I am able to easily pack for two weeks of travel in a carry-on.” Jessica Nabongo, The Catch Me If You Can

“For almost any trip, I always use my Bigger Carry-On by Away. I also love this dopp kit by Leatherology. It’s gorgeous (even nicer with a monogram) and it hangs on a towel rack, so it’s super easy to access, versus having to remove every single product when you don’t have a lot of space.” Photographer Gray Malin

“The Away carry-on is lightweight, durable, and comes in the cutest colors. Best of all, it has a built-in external battery which has saved my life countless times. This suitcase has come on every trip with me since I got it. Jessica Lu,  Jess Somewhere

“We absolutely love traveling with a backpack! It’s easier to get around with and you don’t need to worry about the wheels of a suitcase getting stuck somewhere. Quechua backpacks are our favorite; good quality for very reasonable prices. Right now we travel with two 50L Quechua backpacks, which is is the best size. (It says it’s a “men’s” backpack, but we like to break the norms!) We notice the bigger the backpack, the more stuff we bring—a smaller size bag forces us to pack only the essentials.” Roxanne Weijer & Maartje Hensen,  Once Upon a Journey   

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Large Expandable Spinner in “Merlot”, Amazon ($529)

“I love my Briggs and Riley red suitcase because it’s extra roomy and durable. I use it primarily as my checked bag, so it’s been through airports and cobblestone streets all around the world (and lifted and thrown about along the way), but it still looks good as new. The case is really light when empty, so it’s perfect for overpackers who want to stuff everything they need and stay within weight limits.” Sher, Sher She Goes

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The Jetsetter Carry-On in “Red”, Steamline Luggage ($850)

“I’m a strict carry-on-only traveler, and my go-to carry-on is Steamline. I love the elegant design of the luggage. It’s lightweight, durable, and makes me feel instantly dressed up when I’m racing through the airport.” Sarah Mack, O The Places We’ll Go

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