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Lifestyle bloggers and party stylists Laurén LaRocca and Marlan Willardson of Twink + Sis recently threw a double birthday party for two very lucky little ones, but in looking at this party’s impeccable theme, it’s doesn’t scream “kids”. Read on to find out how they picked the perfect theme, and created a party for every guest. 

Tell us a bit about you and your business. What inspired you to start this company? 

I’ve worked in lifestyle publicity for years so when my sister and I started talking about a blog it seemed like the perfect fit. We launched Twink + Sis in January 2015, as a lifestyle destination delivering inspiration to live a more stylish and creative life. Party design and styling is a favorite creative outlet for us. We’re located in Los Angeles and want to share some of the things we love (whether it be entertaining, kids stuff, food, crafts, exploring new places or style).

Where did the inspiration for this party come from and who were the honorees?

A dream Mexican destination wedding served as inspiration. I loved the idea of having the table filled with living things (rather than a runner) so we had an abundance of green coconuts, pineapples, mangos, papayas and baby bananas.

We have so many of the same friends that we decided to combine the celebration for my daughter Mila’s third birthday and Laurén’s son Brixton’s second. Laurén insisted on having The Beat Buds there which was the absolute highlight for the guests of honor.

The photos are amazing but we assume being there was an incredible experience. Set the scene for us. 

Flowers are usually my number one priority, but for #toddlersgettropical, we decided to just do a single monstera leaf in a glass water bottle, several of them scattered along the table.Whisk and Whittle made the pièce de résistance with a three-tier cake that served as our centerpiece. Whisk and Whittle also made us copper cake stands to round out our vintage brass stands from Borrowed BluMeri Meri provided the perfectly colored “Happy Birthday” plates, cups and napkins. We wanted to create a lantern/garland effect with the piñata so we used seven of Prospect Goods gorgeous crystal piñata in copper metallic.

This theme is so fun, any advice on selecting a theme for a children’s party that isn’t too childish?

Kids really respond to fun and whimsy. The key is not being literal. If your daughter likes “Bubble Guppies,” then the theme can be mermaids or even beachy. There are incredible options out there when it comes to party inspiration and supplies, like Oh Happy Day. It allows for anyone in any location to pull off the most stylish, modern party theme.

(pictured, Juliette Lewis & niece.)

What was the best compliment you received on this party?

We over-did it on the fruit for the table decor, but it ended up working out well in the end because everyone got to take some home with them. I kept on hearing things from friends like, “we just grilled some pineapple for dinner!” That was the best part — feeling like everyone got to enjoy a piece of the party at home.

You seem to have a great focus on adults at children’s parties as well–we love that. Any tips you can offer for making sure the grown ups have fun, too?

We believe that kids’ parties should be brought up to an adult level of beauty and comfort. Adults should enjoy it just as much as the kids. So that starts with serving high-quality food, drinks and cake. If you can sit down and enjoy a beautifully prepared lunch with your family, chances are that’s going to make for a nice afternoon.

Seating options are a good thing. We brought in tables, benches, blankets and pillows from Yeah! Rentals

Talk to us about food & drink.

Comida served their South American street eats. We love their arepas (gluten-free flatbread made of ground corn meal) — they grill them fresh and then fill them with your choice of meat. They top them with incredible homemade sauces like chimichurri and piconesa (Peruvian spicy mayo).

We made homemade hibiscus iced tea and fresh squeezed lemonade.

What is one element of a children’s party that should ALWAYS be present?

We thought the photo booth was a really fun addition this year. We had a local artisan take inspiration from the

Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper

in painting the tropical leaf backdrop. We then made several paper bird masks to give it a fun, kid-friendly feel with pops of color.

A handmade element should always be present. [If you’re not a Martha Stewart, just choose one simple thing to do.] Making something by hand just adds a special little touch.

(pictured, Ellen Bennett.)

Many thanks to Twink + Sis for sharing this special day with us!