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For many Latin American families, a girl’s fifteenth birthday is a celebration of her transition from childhood to adulthood. To mark this monumental occasion, grand parties called quinceañeras are thrown in her honor. Often times these parties are celebrated with over-the-top themes and decorations that are irresistibly Pinterest worthy. We’ve compiled some of our favorite themes, just in case you’re planning your daughter’s upcoming quinceañera.

Flamenco Dance Party

If you and your family love to dance, consider throwing a Flamenco-themed quinceañera — the Spanish dance is known for its intricate costumes, colorful flowers, and rhythmic music, all things you’ll want at your party!

Black, White, and Gold

Modernize the standard black and white party by adding gold into your decor. Consider having your guests dress according to the color scheme, saving gold for the birthday girl herself.

Royal Ball

Live like royals for a day — or at least party like them — by throwing your daughter the perfect (and totally elegant) royal ball. Dozens of roses and lucite chairs may be necessary to pull of this extravagant quinceañera theme.

Pretty in Pink (and Mint Green!)

For a more demur (but no less exciting) quinceañera, consider a pink and mint green themed party. The color combination adds a refined look to any venue and there are so many wonderful ways to decorate with such a complementary color scheme.

Tropical Oasis

A tropical themed birthday is the perfect excuse to embrace everything pineapple. From cake pops to garland, there should definitely be pineapples everywhere to complete this party theme.

Black, White, and Red

This classic party theme never goes out of style. The pops of red decor amongst a wholly black and white background makes any party seem sophisticated and beautiful.

Fairytale Quinceañera

Who doesn’t want to be a princess on their birthday? Embrace a fairytale themed party by decorating with a ton of roses, baby’s breath, and crowns. And don’t forget the ball gown!

Tea Party

If you’re expecting to have a smaller get-together, consider having a tea party themed quinceañera. This theme will give your party guests an intimate (but totally decked-out) party experience.

Beauty and the Beast

If you know your daughter is obsessed with a specific Disney movie, consider throwing her a quinceañera with that theme. For example, a Beauty and the Beast inspired party would include quite a few roses encased in glass and perhaps a few candlesticks?

Great Gatsby’s Ball

Bring the Roaring ’20s to life with extravagant decor and an over-the-top venue to wow your guests at your daughter’s quinceañera celebration. Offer a few virgin cocktails so your daughter and her friends can be fully immersed in the party’s theme.

All White Party

All white parties are always a hit. With a strict dress code and specific color scheme, it’s almost too easy to decorate for this birthday celebration.

Masquerade Party

Get mysterious with an exquisite masquerade soirée, you know, kind of like the one in Leonardo DiCaprio’s version of Romeo and Juliet.

Western Celebration

There’s no better party theme for someone who is head-over-heels in love with horses. Go full-Western for this party with cowboy boots, lassos, and maybe a bit of square-dancing.

Forest Inspired Celebration

Bring the outdoors in with this creative quinceañera theme. Make a white cake look like a birch theme and embrace the use of feathers at this party. Oh, and the more wildflowers the better!

Candyland Soirée

There’s no better way to embrace your daughter’s sweet tooth than with a candy inspired quinceañera. From the cake to the tables, candy should always be available at this celebration.

Ice Cream Party

Come on, is there really anything better? Serve ice cream and an ice cream cake as dessert at this frozen treat inspired birthday party.

1950s Party

Capture the spirit of the 1950s at your daughter’s quinceañera through the expert use of color and decorations. Use old records as table decorations, blast music from a vintage jukebox, and invite your guests to dress in ’50s inspired garb to bring the theme to life.

Pink Party

It’s called pretty in pink for a reason, right? This colorful theme is sure to be a hit — just make sure to order enough pink decorations to fill up your entire venue!

Old Hollywood Soirée

Lots of glitz and glam will be required for this quinceañera party. And, don’t forget the sparkly gold tablecloth for the dessert table!

Beach Party

Host a refined beach party outdoors to celebrate your daughter’s 15th birthday. Pair neutral colored decor with bright, festive bouquets for the perfect beachside look.

Flower Party

You can never go wrong when hosting a simple flower themed birthday party. Whether you choose to embrace an all-white theme in your flowers, or want a more tropical look, just make sure there is an abundance of flowers. You can never have too many!