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Photography by GETTY IMAGES

On July 14, we celebrate “Fête de la Fédération” or Bastille Day, for us non-Frenchies. The holiday marks the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille for revolution, and you too can put on a revolutionarily spectacular party to celebrate the day.

This is where the effortlessly talented Streicher Sisters (who own the chicest family business around, STRIIIKE) step in. Every year the sisters (Ashley is the hair maven, Jenn is the makeup maestro, and Kristie is the brow expert and trademarker of The Feathered Brow) put together an epic fête at STRIIIKE to celebrate their favorite holiday, and we got their tips and tricks for pulling together the most perfect Bastille party. 

Baguettes and berets and tarts—oh my!

“Our big Bastille day bash actually started at home. Every year we would throw the bash outdoors at Jenn’s house. Ashley would do all the baking—lots of little cakes and tarts (think Marie Antoinette). We would set up a photo booth with a painted sheet, and lots of fun props—baguettes, berets, red, white and blue sunglasses, etc.”

Desserts, bar none!

“We’re big on a lot of desserts (to throwback to Marie Antoinette’s big bashes that she threw) with Bouchon Bakery crumpets, macarons, tarts, and tiny cakes. And then of course, cheese!”


Decor, mais oui!

“French flags for decor, and anything else French related. Since throwing the party at STRIIIKE for the last couple of years, we string lights up outside in the corridor, and have Galanter & Jones outdoor furniture to help keep some of the party outdoors, that’s also where we set up the Bon Puf Cotton Candy and Coolhaus ice cream stations. The great thing about Bastille Day is that the wine and beautiful cheese/dessert displays are pretty much enough for decor.”

Drinks that say “France Liberation”

“FRENCH WINES! We always have plenty of French wine, especially rosè, since it’s usually so hot out this time of summer. We team up with our favorite wine pro, Helen Johannesen, who knows our favorite chilled French rosès and whites. We also have plenty of French sparkling water to hydrate.”

Photography by Caudalie

Très belle!

French beauty

is such a big part of our lives, most of our favorite products are made there, so it makes sense for us to celebrate anything and everything French. This year Caudalie is setting up a lip bar to celebrate their soon-to-be-launched French Kiss lip tints, and Christophe Robin will have a haircare bar set up.

This is a brilliant idea to translate to home: have a “bar” of your favorite French beauty brands set up for guests to play around with.

Cheers, or as they say in France, “À votre santé!”