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With Valentine’s Day approaching, love and a significant other may be top of mind—whether you’re strengthening those relationship bonds or living your best single life. Interestingly enough, a new study, from global millennial travel company Contiki, found that people who travel often are more likely to have better relationships and be “more dateable” (whatever that means).

Contiki surveyed over 3,000 18 to 35 year olds globally, and found that travelers are more understanding of their partner, better at overcoming relationship ruts, and ultimately are more satisfied in relationships (and travelers are 19 percent more likely to be happy, too).

When you consider this alongside the fact that every year more than half of Americans (54 percent) fail to use all their time off, creating a stockpile of 662 million unused vacation days, there’s a serious missed opportunity here for millions of people!

So, with all this news, we’re thinking you need a vacation. Whether it’s solo, with some friends, or your significant other, we’ve rounded up our favorite places for a getaway right now.

It’s not always easy to be open minded in a relationship, but Contiki found that travelers are 7 percent more likely to accept different beliefs and life perspectives, making it easier to be more understanding with your partner and others.

Explore one of the most colorful and unique destination in the world:

Mexico City

. Lounge by the pool, visit the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo museum, and eat street food.

No relationship is perfect, but 63 percent of frequent travelers indicate that travel has helped their ability to problem solve and overcome obstacles.

Push through those ruts at

Ocean House in Rhode Island

, where you can hunker inside by the fireplace, sipping champagne and eating oysters, while glancing out the window at the waves in the ocean and snowy beach.

In order to be happy in your relationship, you have to be happy with yourself, right? The Contiki study found that travelers are 19 percent more likely to be happy, ultimately making them happier with their significant other.

Take a solo road trip to

Marfa, Texas

, where you can shop til ya drop, see incredible art destinations (hello, Prada Marfa) and stuff yourself full of tacos.

In a world full of what feels like endless dating options, the study found that people who travel are 10 percent more likely to be more satisfied in their relationship.

Showcase that satisfaction, you love birds, in a romantic destination, like

St. Lucia

. Go to a rum tasting in a ‘Rum Cave’ or hike through the rainforest in this tropical oasis.

It takes a lot of confidence to ask someone out on a date, but traveling more can help with that—76 percent of travelers indicating that they are more confident because of traveling.

Test out that confidence in maybe the most beautiful place in the world (home to the most beautiful people in the world):


. Hop on your motorbike and head to the beach to surf (or just watch surfers), then get your chakras aligned at Pyramids of Chi, and don’t forget a water blessing at Seven Spring at Tampaksiring.

Happy travels!

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