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Photography by anna kocharian

One of the best aspects of travel would undoubtedly have to be the abundant array of inspiration we garner from each getaway. Be it through the destination’s culinary offerings, interactions with locals, a particular art scene, or what have you, we often return with a renewed sense of self and an array of ideas with a refresh in mind. Of course, we’re speaking decoratively here, although, the aforementioned can certainly relate to just about any facet of our lives.

That said, as we find ourselves in the midst of the season of travel—be it through our own personal adventures or living vicariously through our friends’ jet-set lifestyles on Instagram—we can’t help but feel the need to bring a touch of these far-flung destinations home.

Sourcing influences from across the globe, we looked to some of the world’s most iconic locales, from Santorini to Bali, for a little stylistic direction in emulating the major elements of each spot within a particular facet of our homes. See for yourself.

Photography by anna kocharian


Orange on green on pink on yellow—Copenhagen’s vibrantly colorful Nyhavn neighborhood is about as iconic as they come. Given the broad spectrum of hues that clad the buildings that comprise the famed waterfront district, it should come as no surprise that the spot stands in as a natural source of inspo for the design-minded.

Photography by meghan mcneer

Recreate the look by drawing on the unique tonal pairings of the scene, opting for a scheme of layered shades. Amsterdam’s Bar Botanique makes for a prime example of such: a pinkish-orange comprises the backdrop, paired with a blue-green seat and marble furnishings to lend an elegant feel.

Photography by STEPEH RINGER

Coastal Italy

Way out on the Italian coast, away from the hustle of the often-tourist-filled towns of Positano or Amalfi, you’ll find Porto Ercole, an equally alluring and stunning destination. From the vast spectrum of hues one may come to find in the Mediterranean, we’re looking to the effortlessly cool combination of the dreamy blue-greens to inspire a decorative revamp. Our specific inspiration is found by way of Hotel Il Pellicano, and its too-good-for-words pool deck, conveniently perched across the sea.

Photography by Meghan Mcneer

Let the classic combination of bright blue, soft neutrals, and a classic whitewashed to lead the charge with this one. Take a style cue from Jamaica’s Skylark Negril Beach Resort, which perfectly captures the trio in one beautifully-styled spot. Looking to bring these colors home? Consider outfitting an all-white entryway with a cool blue floor tile, balancing out the saturated tone with mango wood paneling for a textured layer.


La Muralla Roja

Perhaps one of the more recognizable sites from Spain, La Muralla Roja has secured itself as an iconic locale thanks to its architecturally-charged stature. Clad in a series of muted blush tones balanced out by ethereal blues, the facade of the site is definitely one to emulate, aesthetically-speaking, of course. Short of having to book a flight there, the next best thing (kind of) is to bring the inspired palette home. Although, if you feel like taking things to the next level, you may book a trip and stay at the actual spot as well. 
Photography by cody guilfoyle

If anything, consider this proof that you can layer just about every shade of pink on top of one another. This color-filled bedroom utilizes an array of warm tones to establish a multi-faceted finish that results in a refreshingly simple and dynamic scene. Layered in, deep red accent pieces provide a subtle contrast along with the softer-toned neutrals for a grounding effect.

Photography by anna kocharian


The Greek isle draws millions of tourists in a year, and with good reason. Between the sunsets, idyllic streets, and captivating views Santorini has easily become one of the most sought-after destinations. The island’s seemingly

monochromatic palette

is one characteristic that draws many in—the striking contrast between the brilliant white and bright blues of the abodes a prime example of such.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Given the simplicity of the concept, recreating the scene is as easy as it seems. Just take note from Heather Taylor’s LA home, where a bright blue sliver of paint delicately frames the window of the whitewashed room, perfectly mirroring the stunning scheme.

Photography by four seasons bali sayan


Bali’s picture-perfect landscape boasts no shortage of vibrant hues that range from deep forest greens to faint pops of saturated reds. The Four Seasons Bali Sayan is conveniently set in the midst of said setting and naturally takes on its surround as a major source of inspiration when it comes to both the decor and overall aesthetic—one we’re all too keen on recreating.

Photography by RYAN LIEBE

Bring home the serenity of this lush, jungle paradise by filling your space with an array of potted plants. The color palette is one that can easily establish itself, especially when led by tonal greens. Scatter in pops of yellow for an element of differentiation and darker, muted tones for a subtle contrast. Feeling bold? Bring in an equally detailed and thematically-sourced wallpaper to set the backdrop, just like the one of this captivating nook.


Mexico City

If there is one thing you can always count on in Mexico City, an abundance of color would definitely be it. Whether you’re dining or taking a stroll, it’s safe to say that you’ll come across a slew of inspired schemes comprised of a saturated scope of complementary hues.

Photography by WYNN MYERS

When it comes to translating the look into a home, think along the lines of vibrant color pairings—the more untraditional you skew, the better—there is no wrong way to do it. A combination of bright blue, pink, and yellow is a trio we’re particularly fond of, and one that can be easier to implement within an interior. Just take a style cue from Texas-based guesthouse Rancho Pillow, where the three combine in effortless harmony.

Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

Joshua Tree

The range of colors found on a desert landscape vary intensely based on the time of day—thus making it difficult to pinpoint one specific palette. That said, we can’t deny the beauty of the locale at dusk when muted reds and lilacs blanket the vast scene.


When it comes to drawing color inspiration from the desert, neutrals are key—Georgia O’Keeffe’s charming abode is definite proof. Of course, it helps if and when you have the appropriate structure to work with but, for the rest of us city-dwellers, embracing a pared-down scheme of delicate neutrals can work just as well. Add interest with unique textures, stained leather furnishings, and velvet or suede accent pieces clad in a variety of smokey blush tones. Complete the look with fine linens and a minimalist approach to the decorative fill.