We Just Found Out This Thinking Swing Exists—And Yes, We All Need One

Indulge your inner child.

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Ice cream for breakfast. No bedtime. Going wherever you wanted via Razor scooter. As a child, these were the sort of freedoms you imagined being able to indulge in when you reached adulthood. Of course, now that we’re grown-ups, we want the opposite: to go back to those simpler times. Wouldn’t it be great to just soar on a swing set again? Well, actually you can—we recently found the most amazing piece of decor for sale: a massive indoor swing. 

This latest bout of nostalgic design, called the Thinking Swing, is brought to you by Australian brand Pop & Scott. Equal parts design-forward (please note the Scandi-chic aesthetic) and playful, this is the seating option for those who have decided a run-of-the-mill armchair won’t cut it. Hang it in a corner of your living room—preferably surrounded by stress-relieving greenery—for a full throwback to your days at the park and proceed to gently sway and ponder the little things. For example:

Deciding, after a hectic day of work, whether you want to whip up a lemony browned butter pasta or have had the kind of week that warrants dessert for dinner

Deliberating with some degree of angst—near a window, while it rains, naturally—over the ending of your latest summer read

Wondering, after a recent trip to Trader Joe’s…whatever happened to the Muffin Tops

Made to order from sustainably sourced Australian blackbutt wood and black or white rope, the Thinking Swing is clearly a worthy addition to your space if you can, well, swing it. Make your inner child happy and order one ASAP—just be sure to tell us in the comments below how you plan on styling it. 

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