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a baking project

Whether it’s baking cookies from scratch or making a cake from the box, a baking project is the perfect activity for a rainy day. Consider having a treat decorating competition afterwards to keep the fun going!

a dance party

Throw all the rules out the window when it comes to hosting a dance party. Just blast the music and have fun!

a new sport

Take advantage of warmer weather by teaching the kids a new sport. May we suggest badminton or frisbee? Just make sure to stay hydrated in the heat!

a board game competition

Grab some snacks and make it a day of playing board games together. The person who wins the most games gets to pick what you have for dinner!

a diy band

Create a few DIY instruments from old boxes and craft supplies. Once these projects are complete, start a band and take over the world. It’s as easy as that.

a popsicle birdhouse

Reuse your old popsicle sticks (or buy new ones) and let your kids create their very own birdhouses. Hang them outside and let them watch as birds enjoy their homemade projects.

a trip to the museum

Whether it’s science, natural history, or even abstract art, going to museums is both exciting and educational. Plus, most (if not all) museums are air-conditioned, so save this trip for one of the hotter days of summer. Everyone will thank you.

a nature scavenger hunt

Plan this fun adventure ahead of time by making a list of things a child might see on a trip to the park. We suggest including certain street signs, pinecones (depending on where you live), a certain color door, and even a butterfly (or two!) on their nature scavenger hunt list.

a duck pond

Go on an adventure to a local park (or lake!) and bring a bit of bread with you. Assuming it’s not against any park rules, let your little one feed the ducks!

a shoe painting

Purchase a pair of inexpensive white sneakers and a bit of fabric paint and let your kids decorate their shoes! Take photos of them in their expertly-styled shoes once everything is dry.

a pajama day!

Feeling a little lazy? Host a pajama day with your kids where you stay in your pjs all day and watch movies or play board games. Don’t forget breakfast for dinner!

a finger paint creation

Let your kid’s imagination run wild by giving them a few pieces of paper, a cup of water, and finger paint. Just make sure the table they’re using is completely covered with newspaper and that your child is wearing old clothes before letting them start this messy art project.

a backyard camp

Pitch a tent in your backyard and fill it with cozy cushions and blankets. Campout with your kids in the backyard for the night, and don’t forget to make s’mores!

a marble art project

Have a stash of nail polish you’re never going to use again? Invite the little ones to create gorgeous pieces of marble art this summer. Get the creative DIY how-to on Pink Stripey Socks.

a homemade pizza

Have your kids help you create a homemade pizza from scratch. Let them roll the dough, spread the sauce, and decorate with all the toppings they want. Talk about an awesome dinner!

a make your own ice cream sundae party

Earn the title of “coolest parent on the block” by hosting a make-your-own ice cream sundae party. In addition to several flavors of ice cream (and at least one dairy-free ice cream alternative for any lactose intolerant party guests), have bowls of cherries, fudge, strawberry sauce, caramel, fruit, candy, and sprinkles on hand. Your guests will be wowed by all the options!

a splash competition

Take a relaxing pool day to the next level by hosting a splash competition. You be the judge as the kids attempt to make the largest splash they possibly can.

a chalk covered driveway

Let the kids create amazing chalk art on your driveway this summer. Teach them hopscotch, or help them draw a life size game board to enjoy.

a trip to the library

Although a bit underrated nowadays, a trip to the public library can be an awesome opportunity for kids to discover great new books from amazing authors. Before you go, consider having them start a summer reading list, or a friendly summer reading competition.

a DIY bird feeder

Grab a pinecone, smother it in peanut butter and roll it in birdseed to create a simple DIY bird feeder. Then watch as animals enjoy the tasty creation.

a water balloon fight

Rain or shine, nothing is more fun than a water balloon fight. We’re sure even teenagers would enjoy taking part in this exciting summer activity. Just make sure to have dry clothes and towels at hand once the battle is complete.

a toy parachute

Spend the day creating a parachute for an old toy. Once you’ve got that down, climb to the top of your stairs and toss your toy down, hoping the parachute works. It’s all about trial and error with this summertime activity.

a collage

All you need for this art project is a few old magazines, a pair of scissors, a small piece of cardboard, and a little glue. The rest is up to your child’s imagination.

a sewing lesson

Teaching your child life skills is always important, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Use a rainy day as an excuse to teach the kids how to sew.

a backyard obstacle course

Get the kids active by making an obstacle course in the backyard. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to the obstacles!

a nighttime bowling alley

Make your very own DIY glow-in-the-dark bowling alley at home. Just place a few glow sticks inside used water bottles, arrange them in a pyramid formation outside, and use a small foam ball to bowl them down.

a makeshift theater

Transform your living room into a theater for the young thespian. Let them host their very own play, or join them to put on a full family extravaganza.

a mini garden

Let your kids get in touch with nature by teaching them how to garden. You never know, your child just might have a green thumb!

a pillow fort

Take on a rainy day by making a pillow fort indoors. Pretend you’re on a wild adventure together and the pillow fort is your newest discovery or curl up and watch a movie together in your cushion creation.

a summertime workbook

Opt for a fun and educational workbook that the little ones can complete over the course of the summer. Consider using a sticker chart to reward them each time they complete 10 or so pages — you know, as a little motivator. It is summer after all.

a tie-dye shirt

Tie-dying shirts is a fun activity for all ages! Buy a few white shirts so you and your child can practice the different tie-dying techniques, then show them off on your next trip together.

a dress-up day

This is arguably the most perfect rainy day activity! Let them rummage through your closet to put on a few of your old clothes (add a bit of make up if you want, we are playing dress-up!). Have an impromptu photoshoot of their completed look.

a rock pet

Help your kids search for the perfect rock in your backyard. Wash it off and let them decorate it with paint and googly eyes. Let them take care of it as though it was a real live pet.

a projected movie

Have a bare wall and a few extra cushions lying around? Great! Take advantage of this empty space and project a movie onto the wall for a creative family movie night.

Bonus points if you can project a movie onto the exterior of your home and watch the movie from your backyard. If you don’t have a surround sound system or speakers, consider viewing a silent movie instead.

a shell collection

If you live near the beach, or plan to take a short road trip to one, let your kids roam the beach in search of gorgeous seashells. Let them take the prettiest one home as a souvenir.