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There’s nothing sweeter than the sound of an ice cream truck rounding the corner, unless you can’t eat traditional ice cream due to dietary restrictions. Then, it’s kinda sad. For all the lactose-intolerant, vegan, and otherwise ice cream deprived domino fans out there, we give you our master list of dairy-free indulgences certain to get you through summer with a sweet tooth. Sundae style, whipped into a “milk” shake, or directly from the carton on the couch watching Bravo, these are the sweetest, dairy-free sights of summer.

Nada Moo A clever name, minimalist packaging, and extraordinary flavors make this non-dairy ice cream one of our favorites!

Arctic Zero Cake Batter, Brownie, Banana Pudding, and Snickerdoodle flavors? Consider us in love with this *healthy* ice cream alternative. Nom nom nom.

Steve’s Ice Cream Get ready to fall in love with this decadent, dairy free ice cream! We recommend the classic coffee flavor, but if you find a flavor you can’t live without, tweet it to us!

Earnest Ice Cream With 10 exciting vegan flavors, we understand if you immediately book a flight to Vancouver.

Wink Desserts At 100 calories serving, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan, Wink Desserts is perfect for the health conscious ice cream lover.

COYO Originally a coconut yogurt alternative, this Australian based company has taken a stab at creating an ice cream alternative, too, and we applaud those efforts!

CocoLuscious It’s time to get excited about this dairy free ice cream! It’s utterly decadent. (This is one you hide from your roomies in the back of the freezer)!

Alchemy Creamery “Dairy has met it’s match” with this Brooklyn based ice cream alternative. Although they only have stores in New York, you can purchase any flavor ice cream pop you want and have it shipped directly to your house. Trust us, it’s worth every penny.

Swedish Glace Europeans (and tourists visiting Europe) should indulge in this vegan ice cream available across the pond.

Tofutti Ah, you’ve gotta love an ol’ standby. Indulge your inner child by eating one of these milk-free ice cream treats. We love the ice cream sandwiches the most!

DF Mavens New Orleans Salted Praline = best dairy free flavor ever!

The Cultured Ice Cream Company This dairy free, sugar free, probiotic ice cream should be first on everybody’s shopping list. (It’s certainly on ours)!

Talenti Although their gelato is made with dairy products, Talenti’s sorbetto flavors are completely dairy free!

So Delicious Everyone raves about this dairy free ice cream for a reason! (The mint chocolate chip flavor is our team’s fave)!

Van Leeuwan This food truck turn ice cream shop has some of the best vegan ice cream in New York. We’re not kidding!

Halfpint Vegan Dairy You can definitely enjoy this ice cream on a warm summer day without having to worry about consuming any dairy whatsoever!

Over The Moo Made from coconuts, Over The Moo has definitely won a spot inside our freezer.

Almond Dream Classic dairy free ice cream like Almond Dream makes us so much happier during the summer. There’s no reason to miss out on sweet frozen treats when they’re this accommodating and scrumptious!

Phat Fox Not only do we love this company’s packaging, but we are downright dying to try their Chai Tea ice cream flavor!

Coconut Bliss Everyone we know is obsessed with this ice cream alternative. Definitely one of the easier to find dairy free ice creams, you’ll find all the info you need here!

Ben and Jerry’s Our favorite ice cream flavor is now dairy free. If that’s not worth a celebratory pint, we don’t know what is!

Alright, we are just so excited that Ben and Jerry’s has created dairy free versions of their ice cream that we had to put it on here twice!

Jollyum It’s perfectly okay to indulge in an entire pint of this creamy ice cream alternative. We won’t judge.

Little Island Coconut Creamery There’s very little to say other than where in the world has this Toasted Coconut Caramel ice cream been all our life!?

So Good This dairy-free option is literally so good. Sorry, we had to!

Mr. Dewie’s This cashew milk ice cream is changing the way you indulge in dairy free frozen desserts.

Nobó The pint says it all: Dairy free frozen goodness. Is it summer yet??

Oatly Vegan ice cream made from oats. Yep. It exists.

Millie’s Vegan Gelato Please picture yourself enjoying this on a beach in Cali (because that’s where it’s made). Sold yet?

Sweet Ritual This artisanal Texas ice cream is made in small batches but full of BIG flavor!

The New Barn Made from sweet almond milk, this ice cream alternative is the perfect way to cool down in the summertime.