We use benches for so many tasks—putting our shoes on, folding laundry, waiting for our always-late roommates to finish getting ready—but they’re not often given a ton of attention design-wise. Studio McGee’s new McGee & Co. upholstery collection is changing that.

The line includes several sofas, a few armchairs, and two upholstered beds, but it’s the benches that stand out the most. The Adamson features handsome tan leather straps that secure a cushion covered in oatmeal-hued linen. The Madlen is almost Danish-like in its simplicity: a linen seat on top of a sturdy oak base. The Mansfield is the most plush of the group, kind of like a miniature backless sofa, and ideal for end-of-bed placement.

With price points close to or just over $3,000, these pieces are clearly investments, but you’re paying for top-notch quality. Each product is made to order and designed to last. A bench is an integral part of day-to-day life, after all. You might as well get one that will stick around for the foreseeable future.


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