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by Bailey Swilley

There’s just something so enticing about being on the roof in the summer. If you’re a city dweller without a backyard, yours might as well be your own personal sanctuary. Here’s what you need to upgrade it to party central.

Bright sunshine can be a killer. This cool, but vibrant umbrella will save the day when you need some shade.

These straws are an inexpensive and easy way to bring the fun and flair your soirée needs!

If you’re looking for a modern and natural way to decorate your outdoor space, try a vertical airplant garden like this one!

After the sun goes down, keep the fun going with twinkles. (More ideas for lighting up a rooftop here)!

You may not need coasters on the roof, but these fabric dotted ones bring some flirty style to the top of your building.

It’s really amazing how a tablecloth can pull together the whole look of your party. The cabana stripe adds special summer charm.

Make sure everyone has a place to sit with these cute, stowable fabric stools.

Plastic is out. Wood is in. Try these when you don’t want to haul your entire silverware collection up to the roof.

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t use a little gilded glam. Put cakes, cupcakes, or cookies on this sexy cake stand. And yes, we didn’t know “sexy cake stand” was a thing until now, either.

If your outdoor space is ultra chic and sleek, this fire pit will feel right at home.

Whip up yummy summer foods like berry cheesecake and BLT burgers with this eye candy by Katie Lee!

Grill burgers, chicken, anything you love right at the table with this chic, tiny grill.

Serve tea or lemonade in this gorgeous poppy pitcher because you’re classy like that.

Serve a signature ginger drink on your roof with this easy, tasty base.

Add some glitz to your table or roof entrance with this flashy garland. We’re fans of decor that can be easily transported up and down!

You don’t need a big yard or even a window to grow your own garden. Just grab one of these boxes and plant herbs or flowers for people to enjoy when they come over.

Throw down a striped area rug to add subtle pattern to your space.

No front porch? No problem. Hoist this baby up on the roof and enjoy the rays. (With SPF.)

You’ll never rethink outdoor entertaining again if you pick up these bright blue outdoor lounge pieces.

This outdoor table and chair set is both functional and summer chic.

It’s a bar (or tea) cart on the go! Perfect for tending and steeping outside.

A couple of these cushy chairs and you’ve got the perfect corner for catching up.

This enamelware tray is shatter-proof and gorgeous on the table or the grill.

Bring these colorful chairs to the table for a sit-down dinner.

Either park it on this classy, sassy stool or use it to place apps!

This one’s a splurge but who else do you know with a stylish swing on their roof?

There’s nothin’ wrong with a fancy tiki cup. Use them at your next luau or just make it your go-to drinking chalice.

Be the hostess with the mostest thanks to this awesome guide by Lela Rose.

If you live in the big city, nothing’s as relaxing as lounging on a chaise on your rooftop.

This fun chair is the perfect place to sip on a sweet drink or read a book after guests leave.

Your friends will love slinking back into this cozy chair by Serena & Lily, which comes in seven beautiful colors and patterns.

This umbrella-like pattern is funky, fun, and totally durable through the outdoor elements.

Put a little green out on the terrace for some tranquility and ambience before your get-together.

Mouth.com has all kinds of amazing snack packages, but this one is perfect for grilling and noshing outdoors.

Have a place for all your appetizers and drinks with this super-functional piece.

Is it a purse of the Mad Men era? Nope, it’s an amazingly portable speaker for some top of the tower dancing.

Seasonal snacks make for great seasonal decor!

Having bored guests is a major party killer. Have a blast with these stylish wooden bricks. You know what to do with them.