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Invite friends into your living room, or claim your piece of the parking lot. Either way, you’ll need tailgating necessities to make the most of the day. We have a few in mind (naturally) and are shopping them to get in the tailgating season spirit. We suggest you do the same. Here, keep the tunes going for hours with this portable speaker that also looks amazing when you carry it around.

If you don’t feel like carrying pieces of furniture with you, then sling this on your shoulder to sit on at your next outdoor pre-game.

Lay this on the trunk floor or in the back of a truck for a makeshift parking lot picnic!

Who plays backgammon and checkers at a tailgate? You will… with this gorgeous travel pack!

Go big or go home, right? We love bringing along an activity or two for when you’re in need of a non-food-and-drink time occupier.

This stacking game is getting more and more popular at rambunctious parties. Try it at your next one!

These may be underrated, but you won’t want to be without one. This is not your mama’s folding table.

No need for a grocery run! Mouth.com has the hookup on everything you need for a cookout with this pack.

A successful tailgate is pretty much impossible without these. Rather than grabbing the set you use at home, dedicate a nice one, with a carrying case of course, specifically to tailgates.

This is as modern and chic as portable grilling gets. (Our office LOVES this one!)

These vintage-inspired mugs are great for hot cider, chocolate, and hot toddies. They’re also much smarter than tossing a ton of plastic and cups in the garbage.

Everyone totes booze along to a tailgate. Keep it concealed and in teal. Very sneaky!

Slap some cards and a flask on your hip and you’ve just won pre-gaming. This is also the best Dad gift we’ve ever seen, FYI.

Extra seating is welcome at any tailgate. Keep a few spares on hand for those more-the-merrier moments.

These folding stools are totally portable and stylish enough to keep around your house when you’re not tailgating.

Everyone loves a fun straw. Keep track of whose drink is whose with these cuties.

Keep everything in one place (trimmings, ketchup, snacks) on this darling tray by Marimekko for Target.

Salads and side dishes are far more fun with a pair of bright, botanical tongs.

You’ll be glad you have them, trust us. Anyone entertaining throughout football season needs a sturdy set of snack bowls present at all times.

Serve dogs and burgers on this shatter-resistant zig-zagged platter! Again, so much better than disposable options.

Skip paper plates altogether and eat in style on funky, colorful melamine plates. You’ll probably make the tailgate next door jealous. Just sayin’.

Hot chocolate on a stick?! You know what to do.

Whether you’re doing s’mores on the grill or just need something sweet to snack on, grab one of these unusually delectable marshmallows by Viveltre.

Use this basket to grill a heap of fresh veggies without the risk of a rogue zucchini falling through the cracks.

Let everyone know where to find you with this quirky sign by HomArt.

Keep the sun (and rain) from ruining your party with a gorgeous, and easily spot-able yellow umbrella.

Got tons to carry? Stick all of it in here and rest easy that your snacks and drinks stay cool and well-organized.

This is perfect for the low-key tailgater who just wants to discreetly carry a few essentials (re: chocolate, wine, cheese).

Plates, wine glasses, napkins, wicker… everything you need to be the most proper person in the parking lot.

Keep everything (booze, dogs, snacks) in one place and in order with this stylish organizer.

Have table, will travel! This picnic table is easy to carry and stow, and easy to pull out and sit on. Awesome!

Serve your burgers and dogs in patriotic fashion. Just be prepared to tell all other tailgaters where you found it!

Carry a six pack like a rustic woodsman and avoid soggy cardboard with a True Brands caddy.

Never be without a beer opener. That’s Tailgating 101. Stash a backup with your co-host, just in case!

If you’re drinking champs or white wine like the classy fan you are, then be sure to keep it chilled in a gorgeous ice bucket.