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How To Survive Winter Like A Norwegian

Scandinavians know a thing or two about surviving cold, dark winter months. Here’s how they do it.

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Norwegians are incredibly proud of their heritage, and, believe it or not, their long, frigid winters. Learn to celebrate winter like the Norwegians with “koselig”—a sense of coziness. They simply make plans, dress for the occasion, and never complain about the weather. Embrace their positive mindset to fight winter doldrums with a few tips below.

Get Out in It

There’s a quote Norwegians learn from their parents while in diapers that translates loosely to: Never be in a bad mood when you step outside. Getting out in the elements is a mood booster and a way to ensure you are not missing out on the glories of winter. The Northern Lights and extended twilight hours are just two examples of the splendor. Their breathtaking sunsets begin at around 4 p.m. and last for a few hours, changing from golden orange to intense pinks.

Pamper On The Daily  

Every Norwegian knows the effects of winter on your skin. To combat dryness and ensure your skin stays youthful, Finnish saunas and steam rooms are frequented. Sweating in a steam room detoxifies the body, and saunas help the body flush toxins. Also, when your internal temperature is heated up, your metabolism is boosted. Sauna culture can overall be a relaxing way to defrost and feel prepared to conquer the chill. If you are extra brave, go for a total polar plunge prior to your sauna.

Stay Physical

Every Scandinavian is hyper aware of their physical fitness and does not want to miss out on winter sports and activities. Keeping social within the community and participating in outdoor activities keeps the winter blues away. Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, dog sledding, and ice fishing are popular forms of exercise out on the frozen lakes and fjords.

Constantly Caffeinate

Coffee culture is big in Norway and all of Scandinavia. Norwegians are the second top consumer in the world next to Finland. They always have a cup of warmth nearby.

Breakfast (and Diet) Of Champions

A breakfast spread full of protein and various types of smoked fish and salmon is very common in Scandinavia. Don’t forget the bruost cheese, which is a brown cheese with a hint of caramel. Later in the day, warm up with porridge. The traditional Norwegian rømmegrøt, or sour cream porridge, is paired with cordials around the fire. Lastly, Scandinavians love their salty licorice and snack on this throughout the day to assist with digestion.

Travel More

On the weekends, many Norwegians have getaway cabins called “hytte” in more remote areas, and they head there during vacation and holidays. Sharing travel moments, hot chocolate, and conversation over the long winter help the locals keep their mind off the weather and creates a social awareness that they are all in it together.

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