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Scandinavian-inspired, clean, minimalist design is easy to fall for—and incorporate into your home, no matter where you live. But have you ever seen the real thing? It shouldn’t be hard to imagine that Scandinavians do Scandinavian design in quite the impressive manner. Take virtual tours of these 33 Airbnbs that you can actually stay in on your next vacation. If you’re feeling tempted to book a one-way flight, don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

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Not only does this Hellerup apartment have high ceilings and a curated, clean, true Scandinavian feel, but it also has views of the ocean.


This impressive beachside house is decorated solely in the most calming shades of white, gray, black, and light wood. It sleeps 12, though, so you’ll have to convince your entire family (and maybe even a few friends) to tag along on your trip to Denmark with you if you want to sleep here.

Not located near any major tourist locales, this cozy home (that actually sleeps 7 and is much larger than at first glance) is full-blown proof that everyone has amazing taste in decor and design.

In case you missed it, that’s the ocean you see outside those floor-to-ceiling windows. The beamed ceiling? Oh, that’s just a small bonus to the unexpectedly chic interior of this beach house.

Planning a trip with a few girlfriends? We found your spot. It’s obvious this Airbnb, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is inhabited (and was decorated by) two very stylish women who have impeccable taste in design.


Also located in Copenhagen is this apartment that four men call home. And we gotta say, we’re seriously impressed by their design chops.

Located just outside the city of Copenhagen, this house is ideal for young families who would rather have some room to sprawl instead of being in a cramped hotel room.

Spoil yourself with an apartment that is a short walking distance to the center of the city of Copenhagen and inhabits Scandinavian design in every way. We’re talking unique artwork, modern furniture choices, and sleek design.

More minimalist than we could ever imagine our own homes, this brand new apartment in central Copenhagen is bright, airy, and flooded with natural light.


Embarking on a two-person vacay? We found your room for you. This studio apartment might be small, but it’s mighty in design and purposefully placed decor. Expect to find a

marble bathroom

and countertops and Smeg appliances.

It’s obvious the family who inhabits this two bedroom apartment, located in Copenhagen, are cool. Just look at the decor!

This living space exemplifies minimalism decor AND design. The spacious, family friendly apartment boasts three bedrooms that can comfortably sleep six with the most striking black kitchen we’ve seen in a while.


This one bedroom apartment is filled with eclectic, more colorful Scandinavian decor—and has a sunny balcony to boot. Just looking at these photos is making us want to paint our floorboards white, like, yesterday.

This fun, family home includes more color than most Scandinavian-designed spaces—but hey, we’re not complaining. From the turquoise, glass pendant you see here to the minimalist black and white wallpaper located in the entryway, this beachside home is perfect.

Even the kids rooms display a level of chic, Scandinavian minimalism that most adults will never achieve! The lone Star Wars poster paired with the bright red bunk bed frame speaks to us, in a big way. This living room isn’t to shabby either…

This stunning whitewashed house, located between the forest and the beach, features a strictly white, black, and blue color palette that we frankly cannot get enough of.


Slightly on the kitschier, more eclectic side, this two-story apartment is located in Nyborg, Denmark, which we now know to be the cutest city EVER. The patio and old, beautiful streets look enchanting enough convince us from ever leaving.

Want to make your apartment look a million times larger than it is? Add an almost ceiling height mirror like this guy did. Everything about this one bedroom space feels current, functional, and right.

The proportions of this apartment are perfect, and allow the tenant to fill the space with beautiful, thoughtful furniture and decor. There’s also a balcony that is larger than most Manhattan bedrooms, which is saying something. Have a small space? Take notes.

What this apartment lacks in space it makes up for with artwork and intentionally placed furniture. BIG bonus: The apartment owner also owns and runs a nearby restaurant.


This Swedish penthouse loft is a space to aspire to. It’s rich in detail, modern, and naturally Scandinavian-inspired without losing personality. Verdict: We definitely want to stay here and kind of want to be friends with the owner.

It’s not often you find a spacious studio with enough natural light (and storage space) to make it feel like a real home. If you like the living room, just wait ’til you see the

open shelving

in the kitchen…

We love how the green curtains complement the leaves of the trees outside! Black and white monochrome is great, but subtle uses of color work, too, especially in this Stockholm apartment.


You normally don’t connect wallpaper with minimalist, Scandinavian design, but it can work. The simplicity of this Swedish apartment is very appealing.

This tiny one bedroom Swedish apartment really makes the most of the space it has. The clean, all-white color palette and high, slanted ceilings help this apartment feel large and upscale—and the perfectly placed furniture? The cherry on top.

Okay, the truth comes out. We would do just about anything to reside in this apartment. The loft, located in Oslo, Norway, is a converted space from an old factory building, which explains the higher than high ceilings and exposed brick. Click to see the chicest

exposed closet

setup you’ve EVER seen.


This Oslo penthouse sleeps four and stuns with bright white design and sleek, modern furniture.

This white and wood Norwegian apartment feature bright details, cute windows, and the most amazing wood kitchen backsplash.

This old Bergenhouse was built in 1881, but you would never know it from the chic interior. Our favorite detail—besides the open shelving in the kitchen, the unique shapes of EVERY chair, and the white-painted wood walls (okay, we love a lot of details)—is the plum bedroom ceiling. See for yourself.

Expect to find beautiful, white epoxy floors,


built in bookshelves

and interesting art in this two bedroom Bergen, Norway apartment.

Even Scandinavian ski lodges are inspiring! These wood walls don’t take away from the clean cut aesthetic, if anything, they add to it. This mountain lodge apartment sleeps 10 and is located next to a lake, perfect for summer activities, and just a few hundred feet from a ski resort for winter skiing.

We spy with our little eyes… Herringbone floors. Browse more photos of this Copenhagen apartment and you’ll find exposed brick, white-painted wood floors, and a balcony. We’re sold!

It doesn’t get more modern than this. This Copenhagen townhouse has two official bedrooms—with the addition of the cutest baby room that you see here—along with a chic, mixed seated dining table for eight. Did we mention it has a backyard AND a rooftop terrace?…