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Whether it’s a beloved family heirloom, a gift of affection, or a vintage flea market snag, rings are much more than just jewelry. But when you give your cherished items a break, where do they rest in your home? Maybe they’re hiding inside a simple bag or an errand ring box or perhaps even just scattered about your vanity. If your ring (or rings) mean a lot to you, we’d argue that they deserve to be stored in a space just as special. Here are 10 vessels inspiring us to treat our rings like the adored pieces of wearable art they are.

Lito Plate, L’Objet ($50)

Maybe your jewelry has personality in spades. Show off your one-of-a-kind jewels with a quirky, whimsical plate that wards off negative energy. The Talisman-inspired plate with 24-karat gold plating is a collaboration between L’Objet and designer Lito Karakostanoglou.

Reveal Ring Dish, Elyse Graham ($115)

If your ring is closer to a work of art, allow this handmade, hand-cast resin dish to keep your jewelry safe. The encapsulated fragments are previous studio projects by artist Elyse Graham, so each dish is varied and unique.


Purple Sun Dish, Pauline Wolstencroft ($52)

Perhaps you’d like something bold. If so, go big with a hand-formed and -painted stoneware dish from artist Pauline Wolstencroft. The dish’s colors are inspired by the landscape and colors of her California home, which is a special backstory.

Totemic Trinket Stand, Anthropologie ($28)

If you’d like your dish to be somewhere between a ring dish and a piece of sculpture, this trinket stand has your name on it. The marble-and–stainless steel piece could also be used to display your keys or love notes, should you need it to perform double duty.

AYTM Mini Mirror Jewelry Box, Coming Soon ($45)

What could easily be an ordinary object is made extraordinary by artisans AYTM. This mini jewelry box has a matte, powder-coated exterior and a mirrored lid, making it the perfect resting spot for your minimalist jewels.

Tray, HAY ($15)

Who’s to argue with the brilliance of Danish designers Hay? They are the masters of perfecting functional yet aesthetic pieces, and this sleek gold tray is no exception. It’s perfect for you if you prefer your jewels a bit more low-key and pared-back and want your ring dish to do the same.


Bonbon Mosaico Blu Dishes in Ceramic, La DoubleJ ($130)

For the vintage lover, this dish will do a beautiful job displaying your baubles and gems. While it’s technically a bonbon dish for decadent desserts, you can throw all caution to the wind by putting your rings in it instead. The print is a collaboration with Italian porcelain company Ancap.

Resin Mother Of Pearl Dish in Clay Swirl, Dinosaur Designs ($70)

If your rings and jewels are more objets d’art, this special dish, which is handmade in Australia, is meant for you. Made out of resin, each piece is unique unto itself, including the warm earthy hue, and has an organic presence all on its own.

Full Dose Catchall, Jonathan Adler ($80)

If your current ring collection includes the iconic Hotlips ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge, then this catchall by the king of whimsy himself is perfect. The tongue-in-cheek porcelain dish is adorned with Adler’s signature louche designs.


Oriente Italiano Tray, Richard Ginori ($211)

If you’re both a mix of vintage and modern, this Richard Ginori tray is yours. The iconic Italian dinnerware manufacturer has been producing porcelain dinnerware in the outskirts of Florence since 1735, but his Oriente Italiano collection is anything but classic. It gets a fresh, poppy update with bold, modern colorways and is an absolute match for your uncommon jewels.