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Netflix has a new binge-worthy show to satisfy your inner neat freak. Get Organized With The Home Edit, an eight-episode series starring Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of the popular pro organizing company, is officially streaming. Over the course of the program, the duo will go into people’s homes to edit and contain their biggest messes. You might even recognize some of their clients, like Reese Witherspoon—the show’s executive producer and a star in need of a tidy wardrobe. 

Courtesy of Netflix

Shearer and Teplin’s task in the first episode: Turn one of Witherspoon’s empty storage rooms into a showcase of sorts for her film memorabilia and various red carpet outfits, including iconic costumes from Legally Blonde and Big Little Lies. “It’s a mini Reese museum,” says Shearer. While the pair took a more aesthetic-driven approach to the space, they revealed a few key tidying takeaways along the way.

Test Out Your Pieces, Then Grab the Screwdriver

Your shelves and rods don’t have to stay in their original spots. Shearer and Teplin continue to move things around until they get it right. The best place to start? Choose the tallest item that will hang in your space (dress, suit, or coat) and let that guide how much clearance you need. Once things are up, take the display a step further by using labels to categorize the hanging items.

Protect Your Prized Shoes

Celebrity photo
Square Riser, The Container Store ($10)

Want to avoid wrinkly boots? Display the pairs upright by filling them with paper. Doing so will help them maintain their shape and prevent them from toppling over onto other shoes. Then take advantage of any leftover vertical space by placing heels and sandals on risers. 

Stow Accessories Nearby

Celebrity photo
Glass Display Jewelry Box, Urban Outfitters ($40)

The pro organizers placed Witherspoon’s jewelry in clear stackable bins so everything can fit on just a few shelves. No need to stash them in another room. 

Treat Handbags Like Dividers

Celebrity photo
Acrylic Purse Hanger, The Container Store ($12)

To delineate outfits from one another, the pair added bags into the mix. The accessories dangle from acrylic hangers that are specifically made to hold the handles. The pros even designated one for Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde purse, which fittingly contains a stuffed animal version of Bruiser. 

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