Poppy Delevingne isn’t one to shy away from a bold print or vibrant hue—after all, her tendency to take risks is what made her a bonafide British style icon. But the drama doesn’t stop in her closet—it stretches throughout her entire London pad (and the L.A. house she shares with her sister, Cara, too). The former is a master class in how tiny touches (accessories, if you will) can make the bigger picture even better—and, thanks to H&M Home, it can be totally affordable, too.

Delevingne is the first star of the Swedish brand’s At Home series—basically, a stylish campaign shot in the model’s West London house, showcasing how the latest H&M Home collection can make an impact in real life. It’s pretty much a match made in design heaven.

courtesy of H&M Home Courtesy of Il Buco Vita

courtesy of H&M Home Courtesy of Hawkins New York

“My style is totally eclectic,” Delevingne says. “There are parts of the house that are modern,with clean lines and simplicity, then other parts that are cozy and sumptuous, where we used a lot of velvet and dark, lacquered walls.” You’ll find bold color choices a plenty (like that all-pink bedroom!) and widely varied surfaces (a gold-leafed nightstand here, jewel-toned mirror there).

The beauty of Delevingne’s home is in the details—and you can try them out in your home, too. A custom dragon’s blood red sofa by Joanna Plant pairs perfectly with H&M Home pillows, and green De Gournay wallpaper is complemented by a selection of brass bathroom details. Plus, some seasonal switch-ups make a big difference: “In the winter I love to fill the house with scented candles and in the summer I like to sprinkle the home with wildflowers and peonies,” Delevingne says.

courtesy of H&M Home

courtesy of H&M Home Courtesy of Coming Soon

For Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, head of design for H&M Home, the best ideas are far-reaching. “We’ve been inspired this season by our research on historical interiors and elements, like libraries, decorative wallpapers, velvet cushions, and brass details,” she says. “We’ve also zoomed into the vibrancy of nature and wildlife in its natural settings.”

courtesy of H&M Home

courtesy of H&M Home Imagery by Aaron Bengochea

The collection, available for purchase August 15, is full of luxurious accents, like funky marble-effect candlesticks and elegant glass vases. Just snag a few, space them out around your home, and embrace your inner It girl.

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