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When we think of the many essentials a first-time parent needs to succeed (diapers, bottles, ground rules, a time-out chair), plants seem like an unnecessary addition. But what if we told you that greenery is one of the best decisions a budding family can make for the home?

As a leading voice on all things flora, plants were unsurprisingly a nursery must-have for Founder and CEO of The Sill, Eliza Blank. With a slew of purifying greens in mind, the mom-to-be enlisted the help of Nicole Gibbons, founder and designer behind the curated paint brand, Clare, to set the palette for the space. Together, the pair landed on a barely-there-pink (dubbed, “Wing It”) for the walls; playing off the polished shade with equally sophisticated art, lighting, and accessories.

It’s funny. At first, I was convinced I was pregnant with a boy. When we found out it was a girl I didn’t believe I would gravitate so strongly to pink. But the honest truth is: I love pink,” says Blank. “Considering we only have two bedrooms (ours and the nursery), it’s still a possibility we’ll have a boy grow up in the pink room too!”


Appropriately peppered with The Sill’s best-sellers, Blank’s serene nursery makes a powerful case for purifying greenery that pulls double duty as decor.

clare paint
“Wing It” Wall Paint, Clare ($49)

Known to improve air quality and encourage relaxation, the most purifying plants are primed for eliminating toxins, emitting oxygen, and absorbing carbon dioxide and fumes—making them an especially important addition for a child’s primary place of play.

“Plants help with air quality while [also] adding to the overall look and feel of the space. Not to mention, they reduce stress and boost your mood,” explains Blank. The plant pro relegated smaller potted greens, including a Rubber Plant, Calathea Freddie, and Bird’s Nest Fern, to the windowsill. A floor-sized Snake Plant keeps watch over the crib.

“The Calathea Freddie and Bird’s Nest Fern are fun, whimsical plants, while the Rubber Plant and Snake Plant were chosen for the air purifying qualities,” she adds.


What’s more? Clare is zero VOC, GREENGUARD Gold certified, and free of hazardous air pollutants.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.57.58 PM
Classic Crib, Oeuf ($970)

While there’s certainly nothing novel about a pink nursery, this little girl’s room feels far from cliche. Given its pale, pastel quality, Clare’s “Wing It” effectively takes on the role of a neutral—acting as a grounding force for surrounding accessories within the room.  

“Starting with color is a great way to inspire your design,” suggests Gibbons. “In a nursery, no matter who you are, the furnishings are going to be pretty consistent. There’s going to be a crib, a changing table, a rocker… color is that one element you can use to set the tone.”

Washable Rug Air Natural, Lorena Canal ($249)

In an effort to continue this same sense of calm, the pair scoured Minted for unexpected art; selecting pieces and modern prints that picked up on the room’s dual color scheme.


“Because we knew that plants were going to be a strong feature throughout the space, we didn’t want to bring in a lot of colors that were going to compete,” explains Gibbons. “That little pop of green in the artwork [over the changing table] meshes well with the plants.”

Cannon Beach No 1. by Kamala Nahas, Minted ($410)

Sphere + Stem Floor Lamp, West Elm ($224)

A brass globe floor lamp from West Elm by the bed (for added flexibility, the nursery will also function as a guest room when family is in town) and a large-scale print above the crib offer a second lesson in balancing polish and play.

“That piece really sets the tone in my opinion,” says Blank of the landscape. “It’s of a part of Northern Washington that my husband has been to before; I can’t wait to make the trip there with baby!”

Babyletto Lolly 3 Drawer Dresser, Pottery Barn Kids ($399)


Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.52.43 PM
Balance No.3 by Lindsay Stetson Thompson, Minted ($21)

While plants might not be the secret to getting a growing infant to sleep soundly through the night, an extra dose of greenery can go a long way in creating a healthier and happier space for a little one to thrive.

I believe we’re seeing this more and more, especially as Millennials age and become parents,” shares Blank. “Plants are becoming more important in the home. They make a great addition to any room—and the nursery is no exception.”

Pink and green just became our new favorite color combo.


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