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Hey, you: We need to chat. Specifically about face creams. And more specifically, about one brightening gel cream that is taking Sephora and the beauty industry by a storm—and in just the past few days.

In less than two weeks since it launched, the C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème by Ole Henriksen is stacking up rave reviews, both on Sephora and on Ole’s own site. With over 1,000 reviews right now (currently 700 on Sephora and 627 on their site), testers are gushing about the cream’s immediate effectiveness, supreme hydration, and “glowing skin” qualities. With every passing hour, more and more reviews come rolling in, each one seemingly more positive than the last.

The reviews keep rolling in for a few good reasons: Let us count the ways.

Vitamin C is actually really perfect for this time of year. We’re (slowly) getting out of winter, and you’ll want your skin to transition to a new season with you. It’s the perfect time to switch out heavier creams for something lighter and fresher. While vitamin C is still very hydrating, it’s also incredibly illuminating (aka, it gives you that natural “glowing from within” look). The combo of three sources of vitamin C—paired with rose essence—gives it a major burst of skin brightening.

Speaking of fresher, this cream has an “orange creamsicle” scent, which sounds odd, but is very pleasant and energizing come early morning when you’re trying to wake up.

Speaking of morning, this makes for the perfect canvas under makeup—just like the company’s previous launch, the also now cult-status Banana Bright Eye Cream (so good, it’s currently sold out). It’s the perfect balance between hydrating and absorbing into the skin quickly. It’s perfect for every am.

The price point, though, guys: While $44 isn’t the cheapest, you’re getting a cult-status product that’ll last for a good two months (give or take). It’s affordable for the large amount of bang for your buck.

I don’t say this often, but I think we have a quality product in the making. Snag one now, and let me know your thoughts. Or is there another cream you swear by come spring time?

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