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by Michelle Gage

Add a little color to this dreamy kitchen. Navy is the perfect and most chic compliment to this magnificent marble and brilliant brass.

Keeping colors and fixtures consistent makes for a luxurious bathroom. All white everything, with hints of brushed brass, creates a space that anyone would admire.

You can get this killer combination, at a lesser price, when sourcing a side table as opposed to an entire kitchen. This is such a striking piece; imagine it sitting next to your sofa.

Forest green cabinets make for an amazing palette when meshed with this soft metal and marble. Cabinet knobs, mirrors and lights all come together to complete this look.

Shiny brass elements give off a modern vibe. When mixed with marble, this kitchen’s style is unbeatable.

A shimmering brass end table is a standout piece in this room. Its marble top makes it, dare we say, unstoppable!

This magnificent mix is the epitome of chic. Brass details dance around this marble countertop, leaving you with a striking view.

This killer coffee table makes the room! A brass fixture overhead really drives this look home. We can totally see ourselves snuggling up and binge watching our favorite shows here.

The devil is in the details. Carefully consider each and every element you bring into your bathroom, from the lighting and mirror to the faucet and knobs.

Even the tiniest of details help to pull a room together. Don’t skip the accessories when creating a cohesive space.

This bathroom is everything our art deco dreams are made of. Paired perfectly with this wallpaper, brass and marble elements burst!

Beaming brushed brass pendants are the focal point of this kitchen. White cabinets and countertops ensure that they’ll continue to standout.

Tiny green tiles climb the walls of this bathroom. Marble sinks and brass fixtures make pack a double dose of elegance.

See that stunning marble and brass end table by the side of the bed? It’s sure to become your new bedside favorite.

Sleek marble countertops compliment the brass faucets beautifully. Matched with the cascading subways tiles, this bathroom is a total knockout.

Brushed brass elements touch everything piece in this space – from the coffee table to the decorative accessories it houses. Give this look a little love in your living room.

This space is far too stunning for us to put in words. Lifestyles of the insanely stylish!

Soft grey tones create a soothing space. This bathroom is surely going in the record books as one of our all-time favorites.

We can’t imagine having a more luxurious shower. It would be tough to leave and start the day!

This minimalist kitchen is so carefully curated. We’d wash dishes all day here. Bring on the greasy pots and pans!

This stunningly sharp table lamp makes a statement. This impacting piece is one that would also work in multiples.

This open and airy space is screaming for a dinner party. Don’t disappoint your countertops! This combination deserves a party.

An outrageously orange vanity provides this space with a bold pop! This cheerful powder room is one of the happiest we’ve seen.

Make your morning cup of Joe in this café inspired space. Bring in more brass through a French press.

We surely love this side table. The clean lines of the brass tubing balance perfectly against the thick marble surface. The dark wall allows the table to really stand out.

Crisp materials match the clean lines of this space. Marble and brass make for the most magical combination.

This tiny object moonlights as a little lamp. Sitting atop a stack of books, this marble and brass buddy gives you just enough to participate in the trend.

Bring a little life to your marble shelving with brass brackets. Outfitted with marble cheese boards and brass canisters, this set up is beyond stylish.

Dine in decadence. This super sophisticated set up certainly makes us swoon.

Shine a little light on these amazing countertops. This yummy farmhouse kitchen is easy on the eyes.

This task light sits nicely on your desk. A brass arch meets a marble base, bringing some elegance to your home office.

This little, low end table has some stellar legs. Add a little interest to your living room by bringing this baby home with you.

Behold – a brass sink! The brass breaks up the marble featured in the backsplash and countertop.

Matched with a fluffy flokati, this brass and marble coffee table makes for the ultimate living space. Cuddle up on the couch, keeping your coffee close by.

Mixed metals and marble make for a complete kitchen. Focus your thoughts on brass hardware to kick things up a notch!

This desk has us working hard all day. Leave it decor to make us more productive!

Roll over a brass and marble bubbled bar cart. You’ll be the best hostess on the block with this baby – outfitted with a matching little lamp.

Enjoy your morning muffin in this marvelous kitchen. Marble countertops make for a killer kitchen, especially when matched back to brass.

While not featured in the same piece, marble and brass touches surely do make this room. This table is the perfect piece to sit with these delicate brass accented chairs.

Marble falls nicely down the side of this counter. Bright brass lights and hardware help to capture this kitchen’s charm.

This dreamy desk is just what your office needs. This built in is as stylish as it is practical.

Cook up a storm in this soft grey kitchen. Brass fixtures shine brilliantly in this space.

This sparse space is beaming with personality. The marble sink is certainly special and complimented with brass in a cool, minimalist way.

Add a little marble to your space in the form of a terrific table lamp. Brass accents make for a stunning piece.

Marble walls and countertops make this the best bathroom on the block. Sit for a soak in this tub, gazing at the brass wonders around you.

Serve up a little style in this sun-filled kitchen. Brass bars bring this striking look home.

The console is stacked with style. Brass decorative accessories help to ground this ethereal piece.

This chic space is ultra-feminine.  Mixing marble, brass and blush is a perfect trend-right combination.

Brass and marble put on a show in this amazing kitchen. This soft green mixes masterfully with this swoon-worthy combination.

Put a little plant life in your chic kitchen. This vignette is one that any homeowner would admire.

A caged brass side table, featuring a marble top, is just what every sophisticated space needs. Place this swoon-worthy piece is your living space, and get ready for the compliments.

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