Published on February 26, 2016


This all-white bathroom seamlessly blends two different tile patterns, resulting in a cohesive design. We especially love the use of tile on the ceiling in the shower.


The light color of the tiled backsplash in this predominantly gray kitchen keeps the room from looking too dark and overwhelming. 


The Moroccan-inspired floor tiles complement the dark cabinets of this chic bathroom. 


While the designer of this all-white kitchen could have easily made a white-tiled backsplash, they chose to accentuate the silver color from the vent, giving the kitchen a more elegant characteristic. 


This intricate black and white tiled floor is simply mesmerizing. 


Don’t be afraid to embrace black shades in your decor. In this bathroom, the black tiling works to enhance the overall eclectic aesthetic of the space.


The classic white tiling in this kitchen complements the heavy coloring of the marble island and the industrial accents of the room.


Yes, the subway-tiled walls are beautiful, but we can’t keep our eyes off the blue-toned flooring! The pattern is dreamy and the color is absolutely captivating. 


Tiles aren’t just reserved for the bathroom or kitchen. In fact, the tiling on this outdoor patio lends a flawless contrast to the surrounding greens.


We love the use of this unique broken glass tiling as a kitchen backsplash. It’s an effortlessly glamorous (and unsuspecting!) way to incorporate tiles into your home.


Not only do we love the coupling of tile patterns, we can’t get enough of the seamless incorporation of the classic color palette.


A blue-tiled accent wall? Yes, please! 


Everything about this bathroom is enviable, right down to the triangle motif of the floor tiles.