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by Robin Reetz

Let’s face it: Marble is having a moment in the home design world. As much as we love the look of the super elegant stone, it’s not exactly the most affordable material out there. Luckily, home decor has our back,  giving us plenty of marble pieces that look way more expensive than they actually are.

Artisanal Kitchen Supply Marble Paddle Board with Handle, $24.99 No one – and we mean no one – will believe this gorgeous paddle board was a measly $24.99. Perfect for serving cheese and snacks to your guests, or just getting fancy on a night at home.

Adelsten Mortar and Pestel, $14.99 A for-real marble kitchen accessory for $14? This mortar and pestle may be from Ikea, but it’ll add a serious of style to your kitchen.

Assembly Home Marble Pillow, $29.99 Ok, so this pick isn’t technically marble, but it looks pretty close. Add a few of these pillows to your couch or bed and take the luxe level up a notch.

If you still have the idea in your head that marble is expensive, it’s time to change your tune – and a beautiful, concrete slab shelf for under $60 just might make you do it.

The Citizenry La Piedra Coasters, $55 The La Piedra Coasters – handmade by The Peca Design Studio in Guadalajara – are ready to turn your home into a high class joint.

Mixed Marble Pendant Light, $64.99 How gorgeous is this classic black and white marble pendant lamp? Perfect for an entryway, or adding light to a dimly list corner.

Up your game with this West Elm paper towel holder, which will add elegance and convenience to your kitchen routine.