Kim Kardashian West’s Bathroom Sinks—Err, Lack Thereof—Are Plaguing the Internet

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s palatial home in Hidden Hills, California, sent the internet into a frenzy this past week when she opened her doors to Vogue for a 73 Questions interview. In the video, Kardashian West fittingly describes the furniture-void home as a “minimal monastery.” In case you thought she was kidding, just take another peek inside her master ensuite.

The very first thing you’ll notice about the couple’s bathroom is that it looks a whole lot more like a kitchen thanks to a mysterious island in the middle of the room that we have since learned is actually a dual vanity. In their initial state of confusion, fans and followers took a closer look. In doing so, they discovered one important and decidedly unsettling detail: The West’s unusual bathroom sinks—err, lack thereof.

At first, it seems as though the West’s got as far as the hardware and forgot about the rest, but then it starts to (literally) sink in: They did this on purpose. “Can someone PLEASE explain the sinks at Kim & Kanye’s house,” one Twitter user pleads.

Others were also plagued with questions: Where does the water drain? Are there sink covers hiding the basins? Does the marble magically absorb moisture? Nevermind the fact that they can fit an entire NBA team in their walk-in shower—we can’t stop thinking about how their bathroom floor isn’t soaked 100 percent of the time.

One brave Twitter user jumped in to put the questions to rest: “[The sink] is a concave conical engraving into the marble with a drainage hole about 10 inches from the faucet. You can see the drainage. It’s like a slide that gets more narrow as it approaches the drain,” writes @snarksmcd.

Finally, the truth! As it turns out, the West’s interior designer-to-the-stars Axel Vervoordt is quite fond of disappearing acts, like this strange rock-like basin that flows sideways. Now that we have a better understanding of what’s actually going on, we feel a whole lot better. In fact, we kind of want an enchanted sink for ourselves now…

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