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Inspired by the famed house from the classic Madeline series, we sought out to find the best ivy-covered homes from around the web. From old-fashioned country houses to green garden areas, these vine-covered homes are utterly romantic and irrefutably classic!

This English countryside-inspired home looks as if it belongs in a British period drama.

A gardenia-filled path leads the way to the ivy-draped exterior of this New England estate.

These manicured vine walls make this backyard look like a tropical oasis — complete with a pool to cool off in, during the warm days of summer.


The vines growing on this petite single-family home perfectly complement the pale stone exterior.

An ivy-covered mansion? We think Gatsby would approve.


Captured in Milano, Italy, a vine-wrapped balcony gives this yellow building a whole lot of character and a hint of mystique.

We love everything about this ivy-covered entryway — especially the dark wooden doors.

“O, Romeo, Romeo!” Yep. We can definitely see this charming house as a setting for a modern Romeo and Juliet.

What’s better than a single rose bush? An entire wall of roses growing up the side of a garage.

Relax in the shade of this massive ivy-covered wall on a sweltering summer day.

An ivy tunnel inspires romance in this stunning backyard exterior.


A Brooklyn apartment building lends a much-needed touch of green, contrasting the structured elements of the neighborhood.

This floral-covered home looks as if it’s come straight out of a fairytale.


The alternative to window shutters? A vibrant vine that consumes every square inch of the home’s exterior.

Vines and brick walls. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

File this under: the statement entry.


We can’t resist this vine-covered home. Not only is it chic but it makes for an excellent Instagram opportunity.

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