Published on February 4, 2016


The creators of this guest bedroom styled the decor around the home owner’s royal blue painting. The neutral color palette seems to draw the dark blue hue outward, brightening up the entire room.


This colorful guest bedroom is evocative and stimulating, yet comforting and homey. The modern lamps paired with the rustic wooden headboard and teal blanket make this a stylishly cozy place for guests to rest. 


These baby blue and beige hues create a calm, serene surrounding in this impeccably designed guest room. 


This guest bedroom is all about being bold. The dark gray walls, cheetah print bedspread, and colorful patterned pillows work together to make a strong statement. Meanwhile, the demur gold accents add a chic design element to the strong character in the room.


This room takes minimalism to a whole new level by incorporating a classic black and white palette into every design element.


This guest room design plays around with industrial elements — like the exposed lightbulb hanging from the ceiling — while finding a balance with elements of comfort (read: cozy blankets EVERYWHERE!). 


This animated guest room isn’t afraid of using vivid colors or mixing and matching various patterns to create a unified look. 


This guest room has a strong focus on symmetry, a unique decorating style we can totally support. 


While this guest room’s symmetry is absolutely pleasing to look at, it’s the harmonious use of various textures and neutral colors that makes us wish we could stay here forever. 


Reminiscent of a luxurious hotel room, this guest bedroom looks comfy without skimping on style. The dresser-turn-entertainment display adds a rustic charm to this overall demur bedroom.