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When it comes to front door facades, we’re all about making the details count. From the color of the door to the knocker and even knob placement, we’re there. Don’t think we forgot about the importance of house numbers, either! The typeface, size, and placement all play a very important role in how you present your home—and how your guests perceive it. Read on for our 33 favorite house numbers we found on Instagram!


We can’t get enough of this curly typeface. It’s understated, but definitely not the slightest bit boring.


Can you believe this tropical scene is actually located in Oakland, California? The floral tile house number is just the cherry on top.


Every single detail in this equation makes this London door great.


Bold numbers for a bold-hued door. Space out your numbers like you see here for a more pronounced statement instead of smushing them together off to the side.


Peeking through this gate and getting a great view of a vintage house placard.


Though this facade looks like it belongs to a quaint cottage somewhere in a tiny European town, it lives in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.


We’re totally enamored by the 1/2 on this house number. The blush door certainly doesn’t hurt, either…


This door is a lesson in mixing metals. There’s something about the color combination and mixture of finishes that make the large and small details of this facade feel modern and fresh.


One facade, two completely different vibes! We love how each homeowner made their door (including the number placement) uniquely their own.


The funky lettering contrasts the stately brick building (and BEAUTIFUL floral vines), but somehow works.


Not sure how to make a door number statement/ Frame it!


Does anyone else feel like they’re a character in a cartoon show? These bubble letter numbers simultaneously feel like a throwback to our childhoods… But also a nod to the future.


This door, located in Barcelona, Spain, carries the light, pastel blue hue from the window and door detailing into the house number as well.


This Oakland, California home’s modern, utilitarian facade features the house number seamlessly settled in between a wave of shingles. And we’re not going to lie, the level of detail put into this facade is really making us want to see the inside of this home…


We don’t even care that these numbers are off-centered! This messy, modern metallic door is an impressive mix of thoughtful design.


It doesn’t matter how tiny the house number is, all that matters is that it’s there.


Though we kind of wish these numbers were yellow (a girl can dream!), we kind of like how they are a bit more inconspicuous and complement the reflective black window.


Everything about this futuristic front door facade is just so right. The vibrant turquoise paired with the skinny silver numbers is funky and fresh.


If painting extra large numbers on your home or business is an option, DO IT! We especially love the combination of these pastel pink hues.


Even iconic buildings like the Chrysler Building in New York City feature unique house numbers.


Okay, so the lime green doors really steal the show here, but the white details—including the numbers—is what make the facade truly unique.


The gold number, knocker, and mail slot on the perfectly blue hued door is making us wish we lived in a symmetrical flat like this one.


Looking for a personalized planter that doubles as your house number? Visit Urban Mettle on Etsy for amazing neutral, mixed metal pieces.


The lone blue and white eight on this French door makes us miss Paris (where this type of house number is more common than not!).


We love the tiny numbers on the very top right corner!


Of course this is an artist’s studio, located in San Francisco (the Minnesota Street Project, to be exact). The bold, black and white sign fits right in with the industrial feel of the building.


The matte black numbers paired with the red, white, and navy exterior of this home creates even more of a statement than the centered doorknob.


While we can’t tell if this is a sign or if the owners painted straight onto the brick, either way, it works. It doesn’t get any better than this classic pairing of the green with the brick facade and black and white numbers.


Besides the fact that we love (like really love) this ENTIRE house, we have to point out the house numbers as being pretty cool, too. The white detailing really adds a visual punch to this picturesque red house.


Proof not all house numbers have to take center stage to help set the scene for a welcoming front door.


Place in the very top center for an unassuming statement.


It’s all in the details. Check out this account for typography inspiration for your own house numbers!


This perfectly pretty number 42 is sandwiched between a muted purple door and shutters.