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Outdoor showers are a necessary luxury for any and all beach houses, lakeside cabins, cottages, and tropical resorts. There’s just something about showering in the open air—especially when stunning views are part of the package. Plus, practically speaking, they’re also convenient and make tracking sand and mud into your home a problem of the past. Read on for more outdoor showers we really wish were ours, right now, including this sleek, modern white and wood combo extension of an indoor beach house bathroom.

Bring a pop of color to your outdoor shower situation with a nice shade like this vibrant violet. Balance out the bright hue with metallic, modern-shaped accessories to keep it looking fresh, not dated.

The chic addition of a wood shower adds a lot to this lush green and matte gray and white patio space.

This shower located off to the side of the house creates a bit more privacy without sacrificing convenience.

We love this outdoor freestanding tub! It’s a definite mix of modern kitsch that we would gladly bathe in any day.

Beachside perfection. The color blocked, four wall design of this patio is so cheery and beyond ideal for entertaining lots of beachgoers.

Sneak a tiny deck and outdoor shower into your lake or beach house for a convenient hideaway.

This Wisconsin lake house knows what’s up! What this shower lacks in privacy, it more than makes up for in views. Can you even imagine showering among these beautiful mountains?

Adding bamboo to your outdoor shower shack is an easy way to make your home feel more beachy. The palm trees certainly don’t hurt, either…

Opt for a corner hideaway against your shrubs (or vine-covered home!) for a real open air feel with a bit more privacy.

These modern wood panels and long, narrow space create sort of a shower courtyard! There’s landscaping in the corner and everything.

Wood slats create the perfect mix of privacy and impressive design. Bonus: It’s easy to create shelves for items you need! Like those towels, candles, maybe even some soap.

This NYC family opted to include a rooftop shower for their always active young children. The orange shower head adds to the modern vibe of the roof deck.

Wood slats, take two—but this time, with an even smaller amount of negative space. It’s the perfect mix of modern and risqué.

Honestly, we would just hang out in this shower if we could! Though it’s not hard to imagine that the entire home features impressive views, this shower situation is what we’d head for first.

The matte green wall and marble accents make this outdoor tub the most relaxing and modern setting we’ve seen to date.

Tucking your outdoor shower away in the corner of a staircase is always an option, too. We’re imagining a nice walk from the elevated pool down to the shower, then down some more into the home!

Could there be a more idyllic shower situation? The black and white color scheme of the house paired with the wood accents (and the pine tree!!) are making us nostalgic for a cottage we never even had.

Bamboo, again! This time located in the interior of this open air, completely closed off shower.

The dark stain of the wood paired with the ample greenery is a dreamy shower situation we can get behind.

The single panel creates cover without closing off the space and looks minimalist/chic—not out of place.

This villa clearly has its priorities right. You can go from the pool to the shower and straight back inside without walking more than a few feet.

Talk about a shower with a view! We would find excuses to get dirty if this was our situation.

This shower blends right in with the facade of the home! While this design is on the smaller side, it clearly has room for everything you need and is just plain cute.

This cute little shower has all the makings for the perfect outdoor oasis during the summer.

Practicality at its finest. Roll up these tent-like flaps for a more open air experience, or roll them down for a more private one.

We imagine rinsing off in this outdoor shower would feel like you’re in an actual garden. Adding plant life to your design is definitely a luxurious move.

Things you don’t really need in the shower: A real roof.

Making your outdoor shower an extension of your indoor bathroom creates continuity—and the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, privately.

Ideally, we would have little nooks for all of our outdoor needs! This looks like a simple, yet effective setup.

These homeowners make adding a shower spout easy! Throw one on the side of your house, add a platform, and you’re done!

We would literally never get out of that bathtub. Never. Hold our calls.

Showering with vines of roses doesn’t sound like the worst way to start or end your day…