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Some of us settle on bouquets shimmied into stylish vases for our floral fix, dreaming of a garden or at least a windowsill big enough to fit a few plants. While that might be extreme city living, the flower covered home is exactly the opposite. We can’t imagine anything dreamier than making the decision to grow any variety of flowers up our exterior walls. Keep reading for 31 exteriors draped in the prettiest florals.

This color palette screams spring! The blue door paired with the lavender floral on top and bright pink potted down low creates the perfect trio.

Colored vines creates a similar effect, and is especially striking here against a white exterior and black door.

Climbing roses might be the most romantic outdoor accessory you could choose for your home.

Even garages can be chic with the addition of a few white roses.

We couldn’t not include this gazebo! The dreamy wisteria in full bloom paired with the yellow tulips makes us too happy.

These tiny blooms paired with this pink-painted brick create a quaint, cute exterior we’d be honored to call home.

Bright and bold color pairings capture the attention of anyone who passes by. Can you imagine how many times this wall has been Instagrammed?

If flowers aren’t your thing, consider vines. This Charleston exterior no doubt passes our pretty test.

These white roses snaking across a stone archway is a day-maker, for sure.

Match the color of your door to your flowers for a sensory experience every time you enter or exit your home.

Grow your flowers (bonus points for red roses!) into an archway for an even dreamier entrance.

There’s nothing better than a home dripping in lavender wisteria florals.

Not a fan of covering your front entrance in flowers? Try a few different hues on your back porch.

It’s official: We’re in a strict one-sided relationship with this intense exterior.

Something about these blooming pink roses makes us want to pack and up move to the English countryside.

This is proof you can cover your house—and front patio—with as many types of plant life as you desire.

A cozy cottage draped in florals is nothing short of fairytale-esque.

Think a painted exterior is enough action for your home? Think again. Adding floral to your facade will make it even more unique and homey.

We’d drink at any bar with purple-flowered vines climbing the facade.

Don’t settle for just a bold red door—make a truly unique statement by adding pink flowers!

How does one get so lucky that their flowers get this full?

The pup seems to like the setup just fine.

Add sculpted bushes in urns for a more formal feel.

Palm Springs, here we come.

Imagine peering out your window to see a limitless amount of white roses!

Chic is an understatement.

We get it, vines aren’t the same. But when they turn bright red like this, nothing compares.

You know it’s good when there are flowers on the roof.

Step 1: Get a beach house. Step 2: Plant these pretty pink flowers and let them take over the entire facade!

Does it get more romantic than this?