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There’s nothing like well-styled shelves, and when kid décor is involved, it pushes the boundaries of cute. Getting the look is easy: Choose a color scheme and use small toys, books, and decorative objects to create a cohesive finished product. Here are 20 playroom and nursery shelfies that boast some major style cred.

beachy cool

Adding a bookcase in a nursery or kid’s room is a must to keep things neat and organized. Use cool art and real plants to add a beachy touch even a child will appreciate.

chalkboard fun

You can amp up basic shelving by getting chalkboard paint involved. Let the kids join in the fun by labeling their books and toys all while keeping the look fun and playful.

natural vibes

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Wooden blocks in earth tones paired with stylish winter threads create a calming color palette on this shelf.

sweet and feminine

Mixing and matching items on oversized shelves can appear effortless. Here, a soft palette of pinks and yellows plays through the bookcase giving it a cohesive feminine feel.

gender neutral

Not into pinks and blues for your nursery shelf? No problem. Try this adorable neutral option complete with wooden elements and shades of green. Simple and elegant.

fun with wallpaper

This dainty shelf makes a statement thanks to black and white wallpaper. And in a kid’s room anything goes: like teeny tiny animal figures.

stylish and functional

Give the kids easy access to toys by placing them on the bottom shelves; style less-used items on top. This helps keep shelving neat and structured. Mixing and matching colors and textures is a winning combo in this bookcase.

scandinavian minimalist

Going minimalist in a kid’s space can be a struggle, but when done right it’s what #shelfie dreams are made of.

sleek and organized

To find a perfect balance mix in toys, art, and books. And remember that the style can evolve over time, which is perfect for the growing child.


With an uber-chic wardrobe and colorful vintage toys, we wouldn’t mind having this adorable setup for ourselves.

modern boho

Sometimes all you need for a well-styled shelf is a pile of children’s books. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find books in different colors to really make a wall pop.

simply chic

For a new twist on a shelf, think architectural. When the shelf itself is show-stopping, all you need is a few toys to complete the look.

boyish charm

In a boy’s room, there are plenty of toys that can also function as shelf décor. Here, soft toys and books are combined to create a delightful display.

on safari

Using a theme in a nursery is always a good idea. And the perfect place to take it even further is the bookshelf. Sprinkle in items that bring the entire room together, like these subtle safari accents.

floral finds

Blush pinks, soft beige, and wicker baskets make this #shelfie a winner—perfect for any little girl’s room.

cute and earthy

Tiny potted plants are a surprisingly cool choice for a kid’s room. Just be sure to place them out of reach of equally tiny hands.

girly boho

When styling a bookcase, scale is key. This one balances lighting, toys, and baskets perfectly–with even a wild flower bouquet.

colorful fun

Primary colors and kids’ rooms go hand in hand. This bookshelf functions as enjoyable and educational—a win-win!

monochrome mod

If color isn’t your thing, go monochrome. Select toys in black and white to keep the look uniform and interesting.

plant perfect

Plants are the ideal way to add a pop of color and create an organic feel.