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Even though the longer days and warmer temps have us feeling amped for spending more time outdoors, we remember from years past that nothing kills the vibe of an alfresco fete faster than having to cut the music and move everyone inside when the sun goes down. Luckily, you won’t need to break up the barbecue after dark because IKEA’s new speaker-lamp combo can keep the good times rolling all night long—or at least until your neighbors come knocking.   

Debuting in two color options (midnight blue and cool gray), the Bluetooth-enabled Vappeby arrives in stores and online this April as the newest member of the Swedish brand’s speaker range. Beyond being a party starter with its 360-degree sound delivery, the dual-purpose product also houses an LED bulb with two light modes so you can really set the mood. The IP65 classification means it’s dust- and water-resistant, so it can withstand a little sand at the beach or survive a crowd of rowdy splashers at the pool. And though you’ll likely want to enjoy the 12 hours of battery life while you’re under the sun, the nifty lantern-like handle makes it easy to grab whenever you do decide to bring it inside. 

Designated backyard DJs will appreciate Vappeby’s status as the first-on-the-market speaker to feature Spotify Tap. One touch of the power button and Spotify will pick up wherever you left off. A second tap, and the smart device will select the music you might enjoy based on your listening preferences. The $65 accessory also works with other streaming services or audio stored on the connected source, so you have access to all your favorite tunes. 

If you, like us, are already prepping for Memorial Day, start chipping away at the rest of your seasonal shopping list: foldable lawn chairs that can go from the beach to the patio, unbreakable melamine dinnerware, and chic picnic blankets that travel well. Whatever your outside style, you might want to go ahead and get that summer playlist curated now.