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In the battle of most tedious laundry items to fold, the fitted sheet reigns supreme. If you have found yourself crumpling yours into a messy bundle on more than one occasion, you’re not alone—Google has proof. A search for “how to fold a fitted sheet” drums up nearly 19 million results, with videos, articles, diagrams, and even support groups on the subject (kidding about that last one—but honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised). 

According to Sophie Liard aka @thefoldinglady, there are purely practical perks to mastering the skill. “Folding your fitted sheets properly will reduce the amount of space your bedding takes up in a closet or drawers—you’ll be able to store everything much more efficiently,” says the social media star, who has amassed a staggering 4 million followers between her Instagram and TikTok accounts, where she shares her tips (hard-won from years in the retail industry) on folding everything from jeans to towels. Plus “when your linens are nicely organized, you’ll be more motivated to change the beds,” she adds.

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While there are many methods out there for folding a fitted sheet, Liard assures us that her simple approach really is best. There’s no need to commit to cardinal rules like ironing your linens beforehand or marking top from bottom. “I promise, this is not rocket science,” she says. “The sheet can be inside out or back to front, and it will not affect the fold. The only mistake people make is not giving it a go.”

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Step 1: Spread Out

Photography by Belle Morizio

Lay your linen down on a flat surface with the elastic side facing up, and locate all four corners. Keep in mind that you want to find the corner “pockets” where your mattress edges would fit into the sheet, not just where the elastic meets. 

Step 2: Fold the Fitted Sheet in Half

Put your hands into the two lower corners of the bed sheet and pair them up with the two top corners, tucking one into the other. Your fitted sheet should now be folded in half.

Step 3: Make a Rectangle

Three sides of your folded sheet will be straight, but the one end will be rounded because of the elasticated corners. Fold down that edge, creating a rectangle where all four sides are folded (not elasticated).

Step 4: Fold Some More

With a long side of the rectangle facing you, fold in the left edge to the center, then the right, so that they meet in the middle. Repeat again to create a long, skinny column shape. Then fold the sheet in thirds in the opposite direction, or until the bundle is the size and shape needed to fit in your storage spot. (The dimensions should match the rest of the bedding for easy stacking.)

Step 5: Tuck It In

For an even neater presentation, tuck your stack of sheets into one of the pillowcases. At this point, feel free to brag to your friends—you’ve officially leveled up your laundry game to pro status.