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The holidays are fast approaching—and few gifts are better than a thoughtful homemade confection. If you really want to impress your colleagues this season, treat them to some of these adorable homemade sweets. From no-bake candy bars to mini gingerbread donuts, your work friends will be talking about these snacks for holiday parties to come.

Peanut Butter & Pretzel Bars

Peanut butter, pretzels, and chocolate? These salty-sweet candy bars from Top With Cinnamon are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The best part? There’s no oven involved, meaning you can whip up a batch the morning of and still get to the office on time.

Melted Snowmen Holiday Donuts

These adorable, thawing snowmen by Aww Sam will literally melt in your mouth. With a soft layer of melted white chocolate as the base, all you need are a few candy buttons, orange fondant nose, and frosted scarf to complete this heartwarming treat.

Bittersweet Chocolate Shortbread Tarts With Brown Sugar Whipped Cream

Buttery shortbread with a gooey chocolate filling—what could be better? Top these rich, contrasting flavors by The Vanilla Bean with a dollop of sinful whipped cream to create the perfect burst of sweetness.

Peppermint Bark Brownie Cookies

These soft and gooey fudge cookies by Chelsea’s Messy Apron are filled with pre-made peppermint bark and melted chocolate chips, and sprinkled with even more peppermint flakes for a dazzling treat.

Vanilla Rum Eggnog Marshmallows

If the flavors of vanilla, rum, and eggnog don’t perk your interest, we aren’t sure what will. Serve these marshmallows by Butterlust Blog with piping hot chocolate for a delicious morning treat, or wrap them up to serve as cute take home gifts after work—provided they last that long.

Baked Gingerbread Mini Donuts

Donuts in the office seems a bit cliché, but gingerbread donuts? Now, that’s worthy of a promotion. Pinch of Yum combines apple sauce, brown sugar, and spices for the dough, and maple syrup for the glaze. The best part? No frying! This means less time in the kitchen, and more time enjoying each bite.

Candy Cane Cookies

The classic candy cane treat gets a cookie makeover, complete with red and white dough and topped with peppermint sprinkles. Don’t be intimidated, either—Home Cooking Memories provides a step-by-step photo tutorial that makes these dainty treats surprisingly easy to whip up.

Gingerbread Men Cookie Sticks

No cookie cutter? No problem. Cut gingerbread dough into strips before baking. Then, pipe on the icing once they are cooled. Munchkin Munchies is to thank for these skinny gingerbread men that will have your workplace praising your creativity.

Apple Cider Cupcakes

Some like apple cider in a cup, others like it in a cupcake. Cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter take this cold-weather beverage to new heights in this recipe by Jennifer Meyering. Bring these to work and watch them disappear fast.

Rice Krispie Cone Christmas Trees

Lauren Caris Cooks proves that even a novice in the kitchen can recreate a winter wonderland by using a little parchment paper, Rice Krispies, and powdered sugar. Add a few sprinkles for the ornaments, and impress even the Ebenezer Scrooge at the office.

Four-Ingredient Nutella Cookies

If you want a paycheck-friendly cookie recipe that uses only a handful of ingredients, this one is for you. Nutella, flour, chopped hazelnuts, and one egg come together for a soft and chewy treat that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Plated Cravings suggests serving these with a glass of cold milk, and we couldn’t agree more.

Chocolate Bark

There’s something sentimental about creating a one-of-a-kind gift, and this homemade bark is just that. By using toppings like edible flowers, pistachios, and dried fruit, you can create beautiful chocolate bars that surpass even the fanciest store-bought alternatives. Check out The Life Harvest’s full recipe and more topping ideas here.

This story was originally published November 24, 2017. It has been updated with new information. 

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