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Say what you want about Salem’s witchcrafty Sanderson sisters. The stars of Hocus Pocus had style. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah are three of Halloween cinema’s most celebrated stars, and it’s only fitting that we honor them in domino style–with decor. Here, we’ve selected a bevy of rooms with each sister in mind. Traditional? No. Subtle? No. Bewitching? Absolutely.

Sarah’s Bedroom

Or is it her boudior? Purple, sexy, and a little bit goth, we’d imagine Sarah had quite the time pinning inspiration for this space.

Sarah’s Bathroom

Confession…we kind of love this. It’s not, you know…for the everyday, but it’s a fun, slightly sinister departure from the norm. Can’t you just imagine Sarah being consulted on the design for a Salem boutique hotel?

Sarah’s Pool

Okay so it kind of looks like a giant cauldron, and one dip in here will so result in falling under a deep spell, but it’s purple! It’s pretty! It’s okay.


It’s not all work and luring children to their doom. Sarah knows how to let her hair down, too. We imagine her having the girls over for billiards and a spiked, eerily delicious punch.

Mary’s Hallway

Haunting, quirky, red. Mary’s aesthetic is here in spades. So are photos of craft-y ancestors long since passed. How much do you wanna bet that wallpaper is textured?


Dining Room

Oh, to be guest. Provided the menu skips potions and includes actual, you know…food, we can imagine this Sanderson sister throws quite the dinner party. If you can’t bring a bottle of cider or mead, a selection of live insects will do. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of broomstick parking out front.

Mary’s Study

TBH, we’re not sure Mary studies much. However, should she feel the need to create a space to contain spells, scrapbooks, and potion equipment, this subtly macabre space should do.

Mary’s Entryway

Welcome (little children), to Mary’s humble abode. Don’t mind the deeply red, moody decor. Nothing sinister is going to happen here. Nothing at all.

Winifred’s Kitchen

Are we the only ones who think this is like…cute? The eldest Sanderson no doubt knows her way around a kitchen, and this deeply emerald space should give her the opportunity to shine like the matriarch she is. Plus, there’s plenty of room for a cauldron.

Winifred’s Lounge

Her own private quarters, the walls in Winnie’s space haven’t been tended to in eons, and she likes it that way. We’d imagine she does some of her best thinking (and casting) in here.

Winifred’s Sitting Room

Every hospitable witch needs a stylish place to receive guests. Here, visiting covens can converse with the Sanderson’s queen bee in comfort.

Winifred’s Bathroom

She has to have a place to get that coiffure just right, doesn’t she? Ornate, eccentric, a wee bit weird. This bathroom is not unlike our dear Winnie herself.