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Money Management

If you’re the sort who pays rent and bills on time or even early, you probably don’t appreciate it when you’re left waiting for someone else to pitch in. Take care of business on your time, every time.

Bless This Mess

You know EXACTLY who those dirty dishes belong to. There’s no hidden rage, no silent, brooding angst. If there’s a mess, it’s yours, and you’ll clean it up on your own time. Neat freaks, we’re not talking to you, we know there couldn’t possibly be a mess. But sometimes we’re just too tired, too busy, or too engrossed in Netflix to deal with dust bunnies, k?

The Old Song & Dance

Sing a tune, dance to T. Swift, do you. You need to explain your actions (or singing abilities) to absolutely no one at all. The only one watching is your dog, and he is quite impressed by your dance moves.

Taking Both Sides–Of Everything

You don’t have a “shelf” in the fridge. You have a fridge. You don’t have a “side” of the bathroom counter. It is your counter. Sharing is not something you’re into right now. Solo living is great for a lot of reasons, but using all of the space is top of the list.

No-Judgment Loungewear

We’ve all got them. The yoga pants that should have been retired a year ago. The comfy long sleeve tee with a hole in the elbow. They’re not cute, they’re comfy, and they’re nobody’s business. Save your cute pajamas and sultry silks for a special occasion. Nobody sees you at home, and what they don’t see can’t horrify them.

Food Issues

Your leftovers are safe. Your olive oil supply will go un-abused and your artisanal honey will remain right where you left it. No one’s around to “borrow” your cooking essentials even though they have no intention of replacing them ever–gah! Purchase your fancy cheese, your $30 wine. It is all, quite literally, yours.

Temperature Control

Is this temperature okay? YEP SURE IS, because you’re the one setting it. You’re never meteorologically uncomfortable in your solo-home. It’s allll up to you. No one’s approval or consent required.

Ew Gross

There are…let’s call them hygiene concerns when living with other people. Do they keep the shower as clean as you? Do they use your hand (and face!) towels without permission? Is your toothbrush safe? IS IT? When you live alone, the only germs you need to worry about are those you come into contact with on the subway.

Wifi Strength

“Umm….can you stop downloading Game Of Thrones, I need to send a few work emails,” said no solo resident ever. It’s all yours. Live free. Share nothing.

Bad Company

Anyone who has ever woken up on a Saturday morning to a stranger eating their cereal will appreciate this. When you live alone, you know exactly whose friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and pets are in your home at all times–yours. If you don’t get along with someone in your home, it’s 100% your fault and you might need to re-evaluate your friendships. Kidding. Kind of.