Published on February 4, 2016

by Michelle Gage


Kelly Mindell’s colorful crafts are truly one of a kind. Her quirky approach and love of all things over the top make her one to watch.


Handmade enthusiasts, Jen and Earl, are a dynamic design duo. These do it yourselfers highlight other inspiring crafters on their account.


Sisters Elsie and Emma tackle all topics from photography and home décor to cooking and crafting. They’re a MUST-follow. 


Rachel is a true believer in all things do-it-yourself. Her colorful and compelling weavings are exactly what your white walls are missing.


Ben can build just about anything. He not only can show you how to create a modern home for your dog, but also how to build new and affordable pieces in your own home.


This whimsical maker is one optimistic crafter. Brittany’s inspiring creations are filled with heartfelt cheer.


With a rainbowed array of color, Chelsea Foy brings humor to everything she touches. Her playful approach is one you’ll surely want to be reminded of daily.


It’s hard to visit Francesca’s Instagram account and not fall for her DIY. She’s a Jack of all trades, knitting and making jewelry for all to admire.


Painter and prop stylist, Lindsey is crazy talented. For a new take on puzzles, check out her floral painted piece.


Mandi is a Midwest momma, most commonly found in front of a sewing machine. Her modern dollhouse project is delightful for those young and old.