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Now that companies have found a way to combat harmful waste produced by the use of plastic water bottles with sustainable water bottle alternatives, the next step is always finding a way to make functional items stylish—insert memobottle™.

The Melbourne, Australia native creators, Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, had a two-part solution in mind to helping solve the growing environmental damage caused by single use water bottles. Create an eco-friendly reusable water bottle, check. Create an eco-friendly reusable water bottle that people will want to own, not only for its function, but for it’s completely practical and beautiful design, check-mate.

memobottle™ comes in two sizes dubbed the A5 and the A6, which hold a little over 25oz and 12oz respectfully. With its slim, clear design you can slice up ingredients to create your favorite flavored water or to add some flavor to your outfit.

The benefits of memobottle’s™ sustainable and smart design makes them not only a useful accessory that seamlessly fits in any briefcase or purse, but looks equally as chic carried with your clutch or a notebook to a meeting as they do making a stylish unobtrusive desk accessory (with purpose!).