Published on October 22, 2015

@elmerotaco‘s deliver authentic tacos with modern-day Memphis flair.  Mole tacos with pickeled radish, anyone?


If you find yourself in downtown Copenhagen, keep your eyes peeled for Más Tacos CPH. The pork belly and sesame taco will NOT disappoint. 

This taco truck is so grass roots they don’t even have an instagram. If you’re ever in the metro-Detroit area and craving a marinated beef taco, be on the lookout for Tacos El Primo.

If you’re ever traveling up the California coast, be sure to stop by Delicias Elenita Taco Truck—the best $1.50 you’ll spend for slow-simmered perfection. And yes, they’re also one of our grassroots favorites— they don’t have an Instagram either. 


As any true New Yorker knows, finding authentic tacos in the city is no small feat. Every summer, The Taco Truck pops up along the east coast, making city dwellers happy, and oh so satisfied. 


Whatever you want, El Grito Taqueria’s got it. Whether you’re in the mood for a vegan, veggie, or meat-filled taco (or maybe a mix of all three!)… you’ll find something on their menu that’s sure to satisfy. 


Restaurant and taco truck duo, The Moonshine BBQ makes the most divine slow-smoked brisket, pork, and chicken. Then, they add their (secret) spicy BBQ sauce and smoked corn salsa to pack some serious punch. 


Indonesia-based (by way of Los Angeles), Michael of Tacos El Rico knows how to simmer carnitas to perfection. Think miniature tacos, thinly sliced onion, and just the right amount of marinated meat. 


Maybe not a taco by way of wheels, but The Taco Tour took a liking to @guisados—no surprise there; they’re undoubtedly the best tacos in Los Angeles. Besides their super soft handmade tortillas, their menu has something for every appetite. But a chorizo-filled quesadilla? Now that’s next level.


If you’re ever in Los Angeles or Delaware, be sure to scour the town for Taco Reho’s buffalo shrimp taco. We can’t even.


Making D.C. dwellers happy one taco at a time, Justin Bates knows how to create flavorful tacos, hearty burrito bowls, and tangy guacamole. 

Austin, TX based, @fishybizatx serves up tex-mex favorites like gumbo, fish baskets, and… wait for it, fried oyster tacos. Add them to your must-see places the next time you’re in Texas!