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Welcome your trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween season with front-door, balcony and window accents that cast just the right spell, even if you don’t have a porch.

Doorstep halloween urn display

Turn an inexpensive urn from your local crafts store into an elegant yet spooky doorway display. First begin with a simple coat of spray paint, then stuff cotton batting and blocks of crafts foam inside the urn. Next, stick white branches into the foam as desired. Finally, cut out black bats, fabric leaves, black webbing, and a few creepy-crawly spider accents complete the look.

Make a haunted mirrorhide

Transform a modern mirror into a spooky, antique-looking glass with this simple crafting technique. Use a mercury-glass or rustic mirror and place inside a gothic black frame. Add moss, branches or black birds for an extra-haunted flair.

Spooky spider welcome mat

Put crawlers on your trick-or-treaters with an easy-to-make spider mat. To begin, start with a lightweight black mat cut into a circle. Then hot-glue lengths of clothesline to the mat in a spider web pattern.

Stack a jack-o’-totem

Add some personality to your entryway with a pumpkin topiary in the shape of a totem pole. All it takes is a little creativity with basic craft supplies and a few faux pumpkins.

Paper straw halloween wreath

Make a stylish, layered Halloween wreath to add festivity to your door front. To start, wrap a flat wreath base with orange ribbon. Next, add one layer of long black straws, a layer of yellow straws (cut slightly shorter), and another layer of black straws (cut shorter still). Add a pretty bow or a chalkboard label for personalization to your wreath.

Painted halloween entry sign

Show festivity and greet your trick-or-treaters with a cheerful Halloween-theme sign. To make, paint a wooden sign white, and then add vinyl transfer letters on top in your quote of choice. Then, paint your entire sign black and complete by carefully peeling back the letters to showcase the crisp white phrase.

Spooky window silhouettes

Decorating windows with silhouettes is a spooky way to welcome your guests on Halloween. To begin, cut out some cool shapes from black cardboard, apply them on windows and turn on the lights. Your silhouettes could be ghosts, zombies, withes, and any other related to Halloween characters.

Candle jack o’lanterns

Prep your front porch or entryway for the arrival of your Halloween guests or trick-or-treaters with the sweet aroma of candy-corn-filled hurricanes. To create these festive delights, place pillar candles inside clear glass hurricanes of different sizes, then fill each hurricane roughly halfway, with candy corn. For safety purposes, be sure to blow out the candle before it burns below the candy.

Moss-filled halloween wreath

Make a creepy yet antique-looking wreath that will haunt your door front. To begin, first hot-glue faux moss to a foam wreath, then tuck in a few branches or seasonal leaves and hot-glue all in place. Then, wire in a raven, mouse, or spider just off center on the wreath. Lastly, use a wide velvet or satin ribbon to hang your wreath.

Zombie planters

Trick out your doorstep or balcony for Halloween with a lively display of old gardening hand tools.

Tin-can lanterns

Greet your trick-or-treaters by candlelight this Halloween with festive punched-out luminaries made from leftover food cans. To start, search through recycling bins for a variety of cans in different shapes and sizes. Then, remove the labels and disinfect the insides by wiping with a damp sponge dipped in baking soda. The result: chic, vintage-looking lit cans that look original.

Skeleton-foot door mat

Step up your stoop or doorway with an eerie skeleton doormat. All you need to make this Halloween mat is a can of indoor/outdoor matte-black spray paint, a plain coir mat (about $23 for an 18-by-30-inch mat), and a stencil template.

Pumpkin luminaries

Amp up your doorstep with unique and festive Halloween luminaries. To create, stud your pumpkins with tiny bulbs in swirling or geometric designs. You can make great use of your packed away white and orange outdoor Christmas lights, and these jack-o’-lanterns will look far more sophisticated than regular carved pumpkins.