what to pack for a ski trip when you don’t ski

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All your besties are headed to the slopes and in order to avoid some serious FOMO, you agreed to go. Only problem is… you can’t (and don’t really want to) ski. No worries—here are eight things you’ll need for a wintry weekend away—even if you don’t fancy the slopes.

lots of fleece Chances are, the place you’re headed is at least 15 degrees cooler than where you live. Be sure to pack lots of warm fleece, heattech underwear, and cozy thermal underwear. This way, you’ll be able to trek outside without having to run back inside every 10 minutes.

casual clothing Snow angels anyone? Sure a trip to the mountains is all about yummy dinners, sweet cocktails, and ‘grammable moments, but when you’re craving to make some fun in the snow, you’ll be glad you packed some pieces that you wouldn’t mind coming back with a stain or two.

sunscreen Protecting your skin isn’t only for the summer. Some of the most harmful rays from the sun peek out during overcast days. Whether the forecast is warm and sunny or cold and drab, be sure to protect (at least) your face to ensure you don’t come back a bright shade of red.

go pro/instax/camera If your only form of a camera is an iPhone, be sure to get a waterproof case for it before bringing it on your trip. If you want to capture the quirky moments a bit more creatively, bring along a GoPro or an Instax camera for fun times and good vibes.

blister block + moleskin Because nothing ruins your trip more than blisters—even if it’s just one. Before you leave, head to your local drugstore and stock up on band-aids, blister block, and moleskin. Blister Block will save you at the onset of a blister, while moleskin will protect your skin, if one’s already sprouted. No hurt feet here!

wool socks Once you go wool you’ll never go back. Because freezing feet in the dead of winter is one of the worst things. Ever. Wool socks wick away moisture from your feet while turning your own body heat into warmth for your toes. Now you have no excuse, not to at least make some trouble in the snow while your friends shred the slopes.

your laptop Maybe not entirely necessary, but if you’re in the mood to upload photos of your trip while you’re away, a laptop is necessary. Plus, it gives you something to do when you want some down time sitting next to the fire, sipping a hot toddy.

insulated gloves A snow fight is bound to happen at one point or another during your trip and it’d be a tragedy to miss out just because you forgot proper gloves. Bring along an insulated pair that’s perfect for long day’s out on the town, throwing snow in your friend’s face, and any other shenanigans you’re looking to get into.