photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK produced by  ALYSSA CLOUGH

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

When sweet potato toast began to trend, team domino was skeptical. Can a potato really be cooked in a toaster? If a potato can be successfully toasted, how would it taste? Better or worse than bread? (Almost surely worse, RIGHT?) In the spirit of trying new things—and experiencing the next BIG trend in avocado toast first hand—we put two basic recipes to the test. We topped our toast with the classic peanut butter and banana combo and the ever-trendy mashed avocado.

Keep reading for lessons learned and more tips to toasting your best snack.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography courtesy of Bodily

LESSON #1: play around with the thickness of your toast.

We aimed for around ¼ inch, but if your prefer a crispier toast, feel free to go even thinner.

LESSON #2: discover how many times you need to toast it.

Depending on the power of your toaster and the thickness of your potato, you’ll need to toast on high anywhere from two to three times.


LESSON #3: things can get soggy.

Eat almost immediately (don’t burn your mouth!) upon your potato popping out of the toaster or risk your toast tasting more like a soggy French fry. Note: This is less of an issue if you will be cutting your toast with a fork and knife as opposed to relying on it like you would the sturdiness of regularly toasted bread.

LESSON #4: toppings are everything.

We stuck to the basics, but there are so many toast and crostini recipes you can easily make with a sweet potato instead. Visit the official hashtag on Instagram,#sweetpotatotoast, (yes, really) for topping inspiration. (Pro tip: Team domino definitely preferred the avocado topping over the peanut butter variety.)

Watch the above video to see how we crafted our toast and if sweet potato toast passed team domino’s official taste test.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by PAUL COSTELLO