These Halloween Doughnuts Are Almost Too Cute to Eat

From cobwebs to mummies, there's something for everyone.

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Baked or fried? Bright orange or black? We’ve got you covered with nine fun and festive doughnut options that have maximum visual appeal, but require minimal decorating skills.

Googly-Eyed Doughnuts

Black sanding sugar gives these doughnuts an almost elegant appearance, which is quickly balanced by a hefty dose of silly, courtesy of edible googly eyes in different sizes. The Simple Sweet Life created a basic chocolate doughnut as the base, but for more Halloween flair and a hint of themed color, you can also choose a pumpkin or orange flavor.

Black Cat Doughnuts

Black cats get a bad rap, but we wouldn’t mind crossing paths with these black cat doughnuts from Domestic Gothess. A smooth chocolate ganache glaze gives these yowling kitties their shiny color. Chocolate-coated almonds stand in adorably for ears, with pink and white sugar pearls serving as both the eyes and a cute, pert little nose.

Spider Web Doughnuts

YouTube phenomenon Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies fame concocted these sweet treats in honor of a video game, but the lovely-hued doughnuts are a perfect, slightly spooky fit for Halloween. Blueberry juice gives the gorgeous glaze its color, with a simple, contrasting white royal icing spider design serving as the only adornment. And did we mention they’re vegan?

Chocolate Doughnuts With Blood Orange Glaze

The blood orange glaze on Heather Christo’s chocolate doughnuts isn’t just festive; it’s downright gorgeous. These baked beauties are perfect for celebrating the fun of the holidays—we suddenly want to have blood orange-flavored (and colored) everything.


Ghost Doughnuts

By using pre-made biscuit dough, these doughnuts from Heather Likes Food are super easy and convenient to make. Cut a mouth and two eyes out of the rolled-out dough, and then fry away. A sprinkling of powdered sugar adds to the ghostly appearance and sweet flavor.


Eyeball Doughnuts

Bloodshot eyeball doughnuts strike the perfect balance between gross and comical. (It’s Halloween, so go big or go home.) Follow the directions from the decorating mavens at Wilton, or freestyle your design with lots of “bloody” red squiggles. 


Mummy Doughnut Holes

Don’t forget about doughnut holes—these little bites from Six Sisters’ Stuff are perfect for a small sweet that is more silly than scary. All you need is a few dozen store-bought doughnut holes, a little black gel frosting, and some white chocolate candy coating. We highly recommend these treats for a children’s party, since dipping the doughnut holes and drizzling the mummy wrappings are a fun (albeit messy) activity.