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These candles will take you from October to November to year round, with their bold scents and equally striking (and spooky) designs.

Fornasetti Face and Skull Candle, Farfetch, $195

Italian sculptor Piero Fornasetti was famously obsessed with the face of 19th-century opera star Lina Cavalieri, who’s face still is heavily featured in the brand’s designs. This candle shouts Halloween by countering Lina’s face with a skull.

Diptyque Baies 600g Scented Candle, Diptyque, $165

The classic Diptyque Baies scent is frighteningly elevated with a matte black design and the giant 600g size (basically three traditional sized candles) that will literally last all year long.


Penn Chemist Vintage Beeswax Candle, Mills Pharmacy, $36

This 100 percent organic beeswax candle is hand-poured using molds cast from the original 1800’s cure bottles once sold by Penn Chemists. The beeswax is locally sourced and smells like, yep, honey.


Napoleon Bust, Cire Trudon, $126

Based on a historic French molding catalog, this Napoleon candle will make a distinctive statement on your coffee table.


Gucci Herbarium Porcelain Candle, Bergdorf Goodman, $290

The black Herbarium motif (inspired by a vintage fabric) is eerily accented with a lid featuring a hand rising from the beyond.


The Death Candle, Sphinx and Priestess, $55

This ritual candle is meant to aid in transformation and the obliteration of old habits, and it also smells of smoky amber and rose. Win and win.


Potion Protection Candle, Smith Collective, $40

Based in ancient Egyptian tradition, this candle is scented with ylang-ylang and sandalwood, and meant to create a powerful safeguard over you with the Goddess of Protection.


Ghost Story Soy Candle, Species by the Thousands, $30

The Brooklyn apothecary Species by the Thousands specializes in ritual candles, this one is meant to help access the afterlife, and is scented with scents of tobacco, teak, and violet.


Saints Altar Candle, Byredo, $140

Inspired by traditional prayer candles, or veladoras, these Byredo altar candles smell of clove, vetiver, and floral notes.  


Thompson Ferrier Secret Sucré Dantés Skull Candle, Barneys New York, $165

Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Count of Monte Cristo, this raspberry and amber scented candle is vesseled in a black polished ceramic crowned skull. (Eeckk!)


Melted Pillar Candle, Urban Outfitters, $16

Romantically spooky, these pillar candles give off a “I’m gonna put a spell on you” vibe.

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