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Graphic designs are at the forefront of modern art, innovative prints, textile patterns, and the coolest color blocked painting ideas for your walls. It keeps getting better. You can incorporate graphic design trends into almost any aesthetic and color palette. Keep reading for all the graphic-inspired design ideas you never knew you needed.

These rugs, made by Hawkins New York, are the perfect example of modern colorblocking done right. The mix of bold and pastel hues in this classic, modular pattern leaves our hearts aflutter.

Retro typography and imagery is making a huge comeback in graphic design, which directly applies to prints and textiles you can bring into your home. This pastel tennis racket pillow paired with bedding in other soft colors is a great example of incorporating trends into your bedroom.

Graphic design tends to err on the bolder, statement-making side of home decor, these leather wall tiles from Avo included.

London-based studio Raw Edges experiments with dip-dyed wood boards in their furniture construction—and we can’t thank them enough for bringing this incredible DIY to light. Try it yourself, just make sure to get inspired before embarking on your own project.

Oversized art is an easy and obvious way to make a statement. We love this modern pink gradient in an otherwise vintage-inspired space.

You don’t have to make a huge statement with your graphic design-inspired decor. These intricately patterned glasses from Wolves Within are a prime example.

This round, colored mirror feels modern and retro all at once. Bringing small wall accessories like this mirror into your home is an easy way to add a conversation piece to your collection.

Abstract, minimalist art is a big graphic design trend, according to Design School. This living room

gallery wall

perfectly encapsulates that trend.

Collage is making a huge comeback, made easier in the age of technology. This Eugenia Loli tapestry found on Society6 creates a colorful environment in this impressively eclectic dining area.

You’re looking at the dining room of graphic designer Tomy Karaiskos. His entire space is (naturally) filled with graphic-inspired pieces like the wire hanging you see here.

These San Francisco Yelp offices continue to make us swoon. This particular space was inspired by Amsterdam, specifically artist Piet Mondrian and what the tulip fields look like from above.

Looking for an unusual way to add graphic pattern to your space? Don’t forget about the ceiling. We love how this office utilized wall space that usually goes undecorated.

There are paint ideas, and then there are PAINT IDEAS. This rainbow mural falls, of course, in the latter category.

Black and white minimalists need not fret when considering bringing graphic design into their homes. There are plenty of digitally altered prints that will fit perfectly into any Scandinavian-inspired space.

This painted hallway changes appearance as you walk through it. Cool, right? It has a name and everything (Space Oddity, natch).

Hang two graphic prints above your bed for an easy statement. We’re loving these neutral, pastel splattered, marbled shapes.

Kids can get in on the trend, too! Good news, you can easily DIY this look yourself! Simply tape off sections of your wall with blue painter’s tape and go for it.

This geometric wall decal is made for a corner, but it works with any slight slant like you see here. This is a low key graphic element you can add to any room with minimal effort.

The LinkedIn offices located in Midtown Manhattan aren’t looking too shabby. The multicolored mural you see here is definitely an upgrade from your average sad, gray cubicles.

Can’t paint your walls? Color blocked rugs are an easy way to bring geometric-inspired color to any room. These Ferm Living square Kelim rugs are no exception.

Bring pattern into your home with the help of some graphic wallpaper. This neutral gray variety from Ferm Living packs a visual punch without necessitating any color.

If you don’t browse this Notting Hill townhouse more, you’re making a mistake. The black and white striped panel you see here is only a fraction of the graphic design trends you’ll discover.

This internal terrace is so impressively designed, it doesn’t even matter that it’s not fully outdoors. The patterned tiles mixed with the painted design on the walls marries bright and neutral color; geometric and abstract pattern; all in a small space.

Modern typography, paired with extra negative space, is mega trending in graphic design (think the cool, modern logos you’re seeing more and more of). The posters and prints you see are representative of the trend translated into home decor.

More wallpaper! This Milton & King digital, geometric color blocked pattern could not be more representative of the colors and style of design currently trending.

While this is our favorite room of this graphic Australian home, we think you should decide for yourself. The abstract and geometric use of shape and color is not only inspiring, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes for a welcoming home.

It doesn’t get any easier than wall decals. We’re loving this subtle rectangular design in neutral shades of gray.

Patterned tiles count, too. This dizzying pattern plays with your mind in all the right ways.

Yes, you can paint large, graphic designs onto your walls… Or you can wallpaper them on (and don’t forget about decals)!

Saying this large scale piece of art is stunning is an understatement. But with that said, you could probably DIY a similarly awe-inspiring painting with some matte

black paint

and gold foil or spray paint.

Neon is in, as is creative, modern typography, which makes this print—ding, ding, ding—a winner! (Plus the palms, really, we love this print.) Notice how this homeowner paired this bold, punchy print with very neutral decor.