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If the first thing you think of when you hear “collage” is cut and paste crafts from your yester years, you have some catching up to do. Collaging, or combining photos, to distort reality, simply create crazy images, and even make commentary, is becoming a popular form of art. And newsflash: You don’t have to go to a gallery to consume art. Just check your Instagram.


Beth Hoeckel is a Baltimore-based artist whose work has been featured in publications and sites like Rookie, Wired, Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, WWD, and more.

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moody illustrations that transform the ordinary to otherworldly.


Patrick of Revolving Style combines fashion cut-outs to create bold and stunning imagery.

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fashion-centric images featuring cool, cutting edge celebs.


First, you should know Jessica Holmes is an Aussie—who does social media for Real Living Magazine. The images she creates basically provides inspiration for all aspects of our lives, and favors a pastel aesthetic.

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#lifegoals, #colorgoals, #fashiongoals.


Tyler Spangler’s digital collages have been featured in countless online and print publications. The art school dropout and graduate in psychology’s work always catches our eye.

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colorful images that will hopefully inspire some creativity of your own.


Chris Renard Rellas adds modern, pop culture accents to older paintings and works of art.

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images that remind you how our current culture compares to that of decades past.


Stephen McMennamy is an Atlanta-based art director who creates futuristic images that he literally calls “combophotos”.

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Photos of things that aren’t what you at first might not perceive them to be…


Adam Hale is a London-based collage artist who handmakes each of his images using the free magazines distributed on the street.

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a daily image (yes, really) that will make you laugh, smile, frown, or just appreciate art.


Sammy Slabbinck is a Belgian collage artist and animator who plays with proportion to create surreal images. Like others, he combines the old with the new, which sometimes leads to a good laugh or deeper thoughts on our current culture.

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stunning, often thought-provoking images.