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We’ve all fallen into an Instagram black hole, where you spend minutes (okay, hours) jumping from brand to stylist to photographer to another brand—and the cycle continues. But let’s be real, we don’t always have a ton of time to find new, inspiring accounts, though we’re always in need of fresh personalities, products, and ultimately, photos. So we did the dirty work for you and found 19 fresh-faced Instagram accounts you’re for sure not following, but definitely should be.


Follow NYC creative Adrienne Raquel for rich, saturated color inspiration and lots of photos of pink and palms. CB2 recently announced the artist is their new resident color expert—and we understand why.


2Modern sells modern lighting, furniture, and accessories—and has a uniquely inspiring feed. Expect to find modern architecture, colorful scenes, and insanely gorgeous home furnishings you can buy. They also have a blog, which highlights the Louvre’s Café Mollien redesign you see here.


Discover an abundance of pretty pastel scenes from everyday life captured by photographer Amanda Greeley. From buildings to beaches, florals, food, and everything in between, we can’t seem to get enough of seeing the world through Greeley’s lens.


Follow this Puerto Rico-based food blogger for softly lit, delicious looking food. And yes, you can get (and make) the recipes you see in her feed on Pizca de Gourmet. Truthfully, she makes each dish look like magic.


First, if you haven’t yet eaten at vegan hot spot by CHLOE, you’re really missing out. Second, even if you’re not located near their New York or Los Angeles outposts, you won’t regret pressing the “follow” button on this account. Their feed flows like the colors of the rainbow, making their feed a mecca for quirky color inspiration.


Art inspired by fashion, or fashion inspired by art? Either way, Fash of the Titans matches current runway designs with their art counterparts, which is always fun (and interesting) to see. Trust us, you’ll get lost in their feed.


Prepare to fall down the Instagram black hole after visiting art director Olivier Romano’s page. (Seriously, it will lead you to Voyageurs du Monde.) You’ll find yourself in a perpetual state of vacation envy, but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.


Okay, so you might already be following illustrator Julie Houts, but we had to make sure. Her unique drawings simultaneously give us joy and make us feel weird, which always serves a breath of fresh air while we’re surfing the platform.


We sort of have this thing for front doors, as does everyone, kind of. If you agree, we have an Instagram account for you. Julie Gebhardt, a San Fran-based iPhone Photography Moderator (yes, your dream job exists and she has it), captures vibrant building facades that will have you booking a trip to California, ASAP.


Ethan, designer and owner of card company Fracas Studios, has a day brightening, colorful Instagram that will put that extra pep in your step no matter how dreary your day is going. Basically, his feed makes us happy, and we like being happy.


Artist Michael De Feo has been floral-ifying advertisements on the streets of more than 60 major cities around the world for almost 25 years. Yes, his work has also appeared in galleries, but there’s nothing like spotting one of his floral designs in the wild—or in your Instagram feed.


If you’re not already, it’s time to get familiar with Los Angeles-based, French-inspired, cool-girl shoe brand, Marais. Their pastel designs pair well with Cali beaches and buildings, which we always want more of.


Minimalism meets an Australian aesthetic in art director, stylist, and image maker Meghan Plowman’s feed. Expect to discover the perfect mix of raw, chic interiors and beach musings (aka our dream world).


Think Mid-Century-inspired furniture at affordable prices—and a great Instagram. Rove Concepts Furniture‘s page encapsulates what the Mid-Century Modern trend is all about in a minimalistic, neutral palette.


Antwerp-based photographer Kimberley Dhollander shares electrically charged pastel imagery that is bound to inspire the purchase of a new print, a bathroom remodel with pink tile (of course), or the courage to add a bit more glitter and fun into your daily life.


The missing puzzle piece in your life might just be this Irish-made linen and wool from 31 Chapel Lane—or at least their Instagram feed. Browse for endless neutral, minimalist inspiration that doesn’t quite look like the other minimalism-loving accounts you already follow.


Young Social specializes in helping brands grow their social following (with content creation and social strategy), so it’s only natural they have a stellar feed full of crisp colors and unique imagery.


The Drive New York is a concept shop that sells items centered around fashion, object, and wit—three things oft sought after when shopping for cute and eclectic items for our wardrobe and home. Their ‘gram is full of pale pinks, aspirational spaces, and items we want, like NOW.


We think Melting Butter‘s Instagram bio—curated travel hotspots for the aesthetically inclined—says it best. Think all the spots and spaces you want to hit in all the cities currently on your must-visit or else summer travel list.